Want to help make () more useful for new people interested in ?

The is several lists of people who post about a topic here on the fediverse. It's a good way for new people to get started by finding people who share their interest.

And now there's a list for OpenStreetMap folk! 🙂 If you toot a lot about and would like to help new people, request to be added to the list. Or use it to find other OSMers to follow.

@openstreetmap #fediverse is not only #mastodon, please consider #gnusocial and #pleroma and there many others. Mentioning only Mastodon is somehow putting limits without reason, there would be no Mastodon without GNU Social @louis

@louis I did call it the fediverse (twice!) I mentioned Mastodon because that's a very well known term, and the whole point of this toot is to promote things and make things easier for new users. C'mon, relax. 😛

@rory the Mastodon politics stopped federating with GNU Social instances since some time
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