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I've completely replaced Google Maps with the open source alternative OsmAnd (Open Street Maps).

I love that you can download maps for offline viewing and even mark places on the map. I've used it while travelling too.

Highly recommend!

#OpenSource #OsmAnd #OpenStreetMaps #GoogleMaps

is joining , OpenStreetMap.de & many others by blacking out their download.geofabrik.de web site for a day to make people aware of the threat that of the planned directive poses for .

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It looks a lot like DJI is using #OpenStreetMap data without mentionning or properly attributing it.

Here is one proof: same geometry, same name...

#ODbL license do not allow such thing... please read openstreetmap.org/copyright 

cc @DJIGlobals @DJISupport @DJIFrance @OSM_FR

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Shadows of the ancient ridge-and-furrow cultivation system appearing during the 2018 UK drought. Found this while mapping for @openstreetmap.

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@amolith More advanced cervice: mapbbcode.org It allow you not only embed map in your site, but even embed maps in forums (with BB codes)

We should own our map (= geodata)

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#Marble is a computer globe.

Marble features bookmarks, tours, pathfinding, constellations, and many maps.

Marble is bundled with a topographical map, #OpenStreetMap, and a couple others. But Marble allows for you to download more maps from an easy to use prompt.

Marble also allows for drawing on and annotating the map, enabling education or note taking.

Marble can even predict eclipses with a graphical display of the eclipse's path.

#foss #free #open_source #fossmendations #map #globe

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This Saturday

#OpenStreetMap day at #fossgis2019 in #Dresden

Open for all! ♥️

Just booked my train tickets; see you there! :awesome:

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#OSM has a really sweet export function that can spit out raster, vector and PDF formats for print and re-use. How did I miss this (and live without it)? My #screenless nav will now be next level.

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#OpenStreetMap goal:

Get GPX traces of local bus routes.

I'm not quite comfortable enough with mapping to update the bus routes, but GPX traces would be good for others, right?

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I installed #StreetComplete today and it looks like a really cool and comfortable way to contribute to #OpenStreetMap! A lot of questions (“quests“) for my area that my wife and I can answer when we're strolling through our neighborhood anyway. :) #OSM

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Imagine if (or even ) allowed us to use StreetView to add details to ... We'd be able to add so much...

allows us to use StreetSide for mapping, but that coverage is tiny and never where I want to map.

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