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What's your fave #Android app for #openstreetmap? Editing features appreciated but not necessary, I just want to replace my use of Google maps.

isn't perfect (no software is), but if it has something as a preset, it gets mapped into much more often.

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I have suggested that iD (the main web editor) add a "Real Fire" field for . 🙂 It would make it easy for people to record this interesting data point into .

I am tempted to submit a poster for ...
(Cause I don't have a enough stuff to finish¹)

⁽¹⁾ I have a lot of stuff to finish


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We love to hear what has been done with @openstreetmap data, but we also love seeing it too. We invite you to participate in our poster exhibition for the virtual State of the Map 2020!

Visit: 2020.stateofthemap.org/calls/p 

Deadline: 30 June 2020

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Show us what you got! Submit a poster today!



One of my side projects is a service for (essentially) “community validation” of data in . I don't have anything to show yet, but this is a gap that needs to fill.

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“field names as records of history”
Some first steps from an OSMer for showing field names in in , which can be an important part of &

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now this is amazing ... an #openstreetmaps interface for the command line, just type telnet mapscii.me and you are in youtube.com/watch?v=oErAFu_ogF #cli #telnet #osm #terminal

At one point as a mistake I entered a tag in in with `building=y` instead of `building=yes`, and now JOSM always offers that first as a shortcut, so I need to type more for `building=yes`.

Cleverly, I did this for `building=h` instead of `house` too.

Anyone know about how club/societies/“Civil Associations” in work & operate? I have a question about cultural/society norms about that...

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What syllables do German towns and villages end with? Nice project from 🐦tobi_vierzwo

tobiaskauer.org/projects/end/i #OSM

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Is there a route planner for #OSM that'll let me set various parameters? Like "avoid roads" and "don't route through stiles" and stuff?

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, but with Google: maps.google.com/roadmapper/u/0

Yeah, volunteer for for-profit corporate, because, why not. At this rate, might as well get rights (from one's own pockets) to proprietary databases for the sake of it.

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Awards 2020 call for nominees. As a community award, you decide who the nominees are, before you vote for them.


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