Yes, I know I'm about 3 months behind writing my “What I did in this month” posts,

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The Foundation is running a survey (in 13 languages!) to find out more about the community. It should only take a few minutes, and we'd greatly appreciate as many responses as possible., 🙂 (pls boost)

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Very good series of beginner-friendly videos for using by historians Anne-Karoline Distel from :

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🎶 Soon may the measurement come /
To bring us traces and nodes and rum /
One day, when the mappin' is done /
We'll take our iD and go 🎵

b-unicycling is starting an “Intro to for /#heritage groups” video series.

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When you don't post your home address online, but are a known contributor 😂.

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Kudos to the #TowerCollector app for remembering to attribute #OpenStreetMap for their latest map feature 😅

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(osm nickname) ubahnverleih ...

🇩🇪 ...hat seine schöne unterkunftskarte abgestellt :-/ kennst du eine, die hotels, motels, ferienwohnungen usw mit wlan und anderen zusätzen anzeigen kann?
*OSMand* zählt nicht, das ist auch keine map, sondern eine app.

🇺🇸 has turned off its beautiful accommodation map :-/ do you know of one that can show hotels, motels, holiday homes etc with wifi and other add-ons?
*OSMand* doesn't count, it's not a map but an app.

is down

Wait, there's an thing somwhere in the world.... I gotta figure this out...

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I'm now the Secretary of the Foundation. 🙂

I am not a fan of P̶a̶i̶d̶ Organised Mapping in

That's why I'm one of the many disorganised mappers. If only we could get our shit together. 🤣

Congratulations to Tobias, Jean-Marc & Eugene who will be joining me on the board for the next year!

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Old School FLOSS mailing lists sometimes have... issues. But email is email! Can't we have a service that joins one mailing list, then users can create cutom filters or rules, which creates a new list which others can subscribe to?
Does this exist?

Any recommendation for sites/companies where I can sell logos & designs on tshirts, hoodies, bags. etc. ?
I know nothing about this area. I remeber CafePress back in the day™, that still OK? Is RedBubble OK?
Help me internet! 🙂

references to sexual assault 

That's why it isn't just tone policing, using this sort of example continues the diminishing of sexual assault, which makes it wrong.

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