I've removed the antifa logo from the wiki. Let's move on

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The sticker pack generously sent by @rory from is finally in the .

Daghang salamat (thank you), Rory.

Oh vey. I haven't used OSMAnd for editing in a long time. I've changed my OSM username since! I need to get my textfile open so I can copy/paste it

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I should look into 's offline "mapsplit" thing

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2 days hiking in the woods. Climate Change means the "winter hiking weekend" was basically tshirt weather. Managed to keep doing some mapping on the go with . There's a few ways I'd like to improve OSMAnd's editing...

Looks like my logo mashup is causing some people to complain!

Why sure, I'll just make my own map rendering system. I wann turn my geotiff rasters into nicer images.

With colour ramps!

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The new Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee has been appointed to compile and undertake research on our diversity, identify root causes that contribute to any shortfalls and make recommendations. Join its starting meetings on Wednesday February 12: blog.openstreetmap.org/2020/02

Time to write emails explaining (my opinion on) philosophy

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Someone is wrong on the Internet

For making maps like that I have nearly all that workflow scripted. Except turning raw numbers into the coloured pixels. I am not very happy with how qgis or gdaldem does colouring.

I'm gonna have to write my own tool amn't I?

And here's all the Ice Cream places in
The Germans really do like their Eiscafes!

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There is a nice initiative going on in our local community.

1) Fill "name:etymology:wikidata" within #openstreetmap for all streets named after a person.

2) Match this data with Wikipedia’s data, especially whether that famous person is male or female.

3) Show the % of streets named after male or female characters.

Restaurant cuisine spread is another idea..

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Maybe I'll make maps of how much bike parking is nearby?

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I am a smidge uncomfortable making a map of something so highly tied to ethnicity. Seems like a bad thing....

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Kinda interesting results. I didn't expect so much CoI (protestant) churches in Lenister, Ireland. I think there's a lot of missing data in . The data metric (what's the nearest?) isn't great, since a lone point could dominate a large area.

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This weekend's from data. In Ireland & Britain, are you nearer to a Catholic (green) or Protestant (orange) Church?

I am playing around with gdal, and I really prefer command line scripts to GUI tools like qgis. I just really hate repeating myself, so I like that a script can record everything and I can just replay it again and again.

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