Has anyone counted how many TIGER imported data in USA haven't been touched since the import?

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We need your help to make @openstreetmap more Free and Open Source! Join the OSMF FOSS policy committee and help us to identify our tools and support the community to be open.

Connect on IRC (-foss@oftc.net) or write us to foss@osmfoundation.org

Everybody is welcome!

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#OSM #OpenStreetMap folks! What's the best way to separate buildings?

Some villages in Italy have buildings shapes taken from aerial... but instead of separating contiguous homes, they basically made a huge, oddly shaped building that basically is half the village. In real life, this is actually many houses of different colours, different heights, etc., and I'd like to fix some of these. I did it sometimes in Vespucci, but it is hugely time consuming. But even in the default online editor this does not seem straightforward.

Am I missing something? Suggestions welcome!
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#openstreetmap never stops impressing me!
In the area where I live, where there is almost no data on Google Maps (took 2 years for them to put our house on the map), OSM has lots of details, such as ski trails and football fields.

See image, comparing OSM to Google Maps:

I have ideas for more StreetComplete quests/mapping tasks

Another day, another bunch of StreetComplete mapping done while on my bicycle

An original goal of BestOfOSM.org was to show places that are well mapped in . Now so many places look really good in the standard osm-carto map style.

So we need the NEXT LEVEL of map style!

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needs a new map redering/style which goes OTT on details. Something that shows pavements(/“sidewalks”), street lighting, building sizes, more PoI details etc etc.

We need more & better presets for “themed” things. Let's make *deeper*, *deeper* data.

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I dislike how it's easier to add chains of big brands (e.g. McDonalds) to , rather than types of independent venues. I think we've lost something if becomes a great map... of chains.

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It's kinda amazing how many Irish pubs there are in Germany. Not surprising I suppose.

I've created a preset for iD, the web editor to make it easier to collect them.

The Geofabrik hack weekend can't happen as normal because of corona, but maybe it can happne outdoors!

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I just can't get over how great StreetComplete is. It looks fantastic, is incredibly easy to use, and actually makes it fun to contribute data about the Real World for the benefit of everyone.

If you run Android, be sure to give it a try: github.com/westnordost/StreetC #OpenStreetMap #StreetComplete

I have just finished a long tour, and we stayed overnight in a town where everything closed at 23:00 (on a Saturday!). I wonder if could detect that.
Next step is see how that correlates to voting patterns to see if it shows a conservative background. 🙂😈

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I wonder if opening_hours data is complete enough if you can detect towns where bars & restaurants closes early

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What's a good alternative to Google Forms? Something #FLOSS? Esp. for non-technical users?

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mapthepaths.org.uk/ is a project to add all the rights of way and permissive paths in England and Wales to OpenStreetMap, fully tagged.

It contains council data of paths that can be cross-referenced with current OSM data. Parts that are missing are then added to OSM by volunteers.

It's important to add these routes to the database! If you can contribute time drawing lines, it would be appreciated. I'm happy to help advise or get you started if you're new, and there's also the wider OSM community who are always happy to assist.

#OSM #OpenStreetMap #Map #Maps #Mapping #Cartography #Walking #Walks

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wow, look at the rich details of #OpenStreetMap in comparison to #GoogleMaps:
while Gmaps looks like a work with MS paint, OpenStreetMap shows you a full construction plan incl.lifts, ticket vending maching, public telephone, recycling container, rubbish bin and also so many many more shops in the building:


(Train station in Bern, CH)

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