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We are pleased to announce a launch of a new service - Cantabular by @sensiblecodeio@twitter.com -this is built off historic admin boundaries present in @openstreetmap@twitter.com and assists use of the 1911 Census. Read details here: openstreetmap.ie/cantabular-a- @CSOIreland@twitter.com
@NLIreland@twitter.com @NISRA@twitter.com

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There are several tools to compress & optimize images without losing details (e.g. `optipng`/`pngcrush`/`zopflipng`/`pngquant` for png images).

Is there anything for videos?

I don't want something too complicated, but I have a 4MB .mp4 meme, and I wanna make it smaller.

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The @openstreetmap@twitter.com foundation has 4896 members. Can we get 5000? It's £15 to join, and if you've mapped a lot, you can also join for free. Help keep the free map running independently, influence the direction of the project, support our volunteers. join.osmfoundation.org

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What's everyone using as a PAGER on #unix now-a-days? `less(1)` is still the default on many systems I use, but I've sometimes uses `most(1)`.

Is there some fancy-pants modern #rust based pager or anything now?

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We are happy that our FOSS report recommendation has been heard and accepted - @openstreetmap got it's own @nextcloud instance: osmfiles.cloud68.co - ping us if you need an account.

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We are coming to together to improve how we communicate in our central spaces, and we want your help. Answer the call to participate
in the moderation subcommittee by April 10 blog.openstreetmap.org/2021/04

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And while we are on the topic of updates: just updated the stats here wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/St seems as if March 2021 with over 54'000 active contributors broke the previous record of 53'000 from January 2017

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i don't get paid enough to have to figure this out

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if one said “annual general meeting” that would (sorta) imply a meeting you could only have once a year (right?).

But if we just say ”general meeting”, then that covers other types of general meetings

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people are going to presume a nefarious motive, aren't they

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Never fear legal nerds, I have figured out how quickly the can hold a General Meeting.

§307 says 14 days are the fastest one could do it (right?)

Don't worry nothing nefarious, I'm just curious what we can put in a contract.

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I joked about this to a fellow Board member. He pointed out that no-one ever told him it would be fun. 🤣

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Join the Foundation Board, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.

You get to spend your Sundays reading the 1,200 page PDF of the UK Companies Act.

The mappers have correctly mapped (in ) where the ship is stuck in the canal.


(The rule of thumb is to not map things that will only be there for less than a month)

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, the ship that is blocking the Canal has already been mapped into

people seem to think it'll be there for a while. 🤣


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