I think my attempt to turn on WebGL has borked my PC

'course my problem with /finishing/ things can be a hindreance here!

I should quit my job so that I have time to just write free software mappy stuff the whole time

Yeah I know about Gnome Maps, that's what I mean, but yay that doesn't work now for me. (Plus it's only mapbox maps)

Maybe instead of all these complicated Javascript browser based map slippy map browsers, I should make a desktop based map tile browser.

πŸ€” And now I seem to have lost the ability to drag the map on osm.org....

Hmmm... Silly computers

How great, doesn't work on my . Apparently I don't have WebGL

People in should understand why self hosted open, non corporate, social media is good. Cmon!

Maybe when I get back from I'll start regularly summarising the fediverse on the diary system so people can know how cool we are

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Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting 2020 will take place 1 & 2 February 2020 fosdem.org/2020/news/2019-08-1

I'm going to be at (Chaos Communications Camp) next week. Anyone wanna meet up? msg me!

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As much I love and use computers and a keyboard, sometimes you just need to scribble on some paper

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I'm a long time person and even I need to sit down with a pen & paper to make sure I calculate slippy map tiles numbers properly. (I was off by a power of 2 before!)

@amolith The link to "Organizations, NGOs & Associations" on communitywiki.org/trunk is a dead link BTW

@MapAmore Hi! You post often about OSM. Did you see my post about the OpenStreetMap trunk list? ( en.osm.town/@rory/102615337292 ). If you'd like to help new random people find you, you can submit your name to the list of "people to follow" πŸ™‚


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The community strongly advocates for diversity, and inclusion.

We are excitedly looking forward to more activities spearheaded by the , to encourage the participation of , , and marginalized groups.

Want to help make () more useful for new people interested in ?

The is several lists of people who post about a topic here on the fediverse. It's a good way for new people to get started by finding people who share their interest.

And now there's a list for OpenStreetMap folk! πŸ™‚ If you toot a lot about and would like to help new people, request to be added to the list. Or use it to find other OSMers to follow.


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The #Vespucci #OpenStreetMap editor never ceases to amaze me. Custom imagery layer, like this one from #OpenAerialMap, are supported - just specify the URL endpoint of your source.

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