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I'm extremely impressed by mapscii. It's an #OpenStreetMap viewer for your terminal. It supports zooming and moving with both the keyboard and the mouse.


RT @Mapbox@twitter.com: Your friend is in Clarksville but you’re on the East End. Using isochrones + local search by category, find bars within a 10-minute bike ride of both of you.


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It's very UK, sorry, no London-centric but Map Men on YouTube is kind of great, especially if you like that sort of humour.


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#Vespucci is a powerful #OpenStreetMap data editor for Android devices, (like #JOSM, on desktop), when you need to edit on the go.

While not available from the list of editors you can just select from the OSM website, it can be launched with Geo URLs, which is easily accessible by clicking the share button from the right-hand side panel, and then the Geo URL itself. This will launch #Vespucci (or other apps) you have that supports Geo URLs.

Tada! Awesome editing on mobile! Have fun!

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Map of where in is furthest from the nearest street.

(Made with data )

I always knew about WayMarkedTrails, the site showing , routes from .

But only today did I discover you can click on "Routes" in bottom to bring up a dynamic display of the routes on the map, click on them to see details and the whole route, etc. That's awesome.


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The opening hours are working with a prototype server. The Mozilla Things gateway can be pointed at a URL like /way/92406904/opening_hours to get the state of any #OpenStreetMap element. The server will request the element, read the opening_hours tag and determine the current state.


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Help needed: how do you ensure that route relations in OSM are still valid?

My problem: I edit bus routes and they are fine. Later, someone splits a way and does not assign the new way to the route relation. The relation itself is untouched but now it has a gap.

Current option: home-made script that downloads relations and checks whether all the ways are still connected. Alternative: manually checking OSM Inspector every few days. Slow and painful.

Any idea anyone?

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Community Survey! The OSMF Board is going to have a face-to-face meeting in Brussels later in May for strategy and planning and you can suggest the topics and issues that matter to you: osmf.limequery.org/489698?lang  The survey has just 3 questions. Thanks for participating :)

Time for some software archeology to find out what exactly versions and what combinations had prebuild support for. Thanks.

😠 There is so much spam on the Diaries in the last few days. My RSS reader isn't very useful, I'm just marking all entries as read. I hope no-one's publishing any interesting diary entries.

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The Foundation is now an Open Source Initiative affiliate: blog.openstreetmap.org/2019/05

As an OSI affiliate, the board has a delegate who:
- is the main liaison to OSI
- can participate in OSI Working Groups
- may nominate and vote for the five Affiliate Member seats on the OSI Board of Directors

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Board is going to have a face-to-face meeting in in May for strategy and planning, and is asking your input as to what matters most to the community: blog.openstreetmap.org/2019/05

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(#GNOME) #Maps is an easy to use #OpenStreetMap renderer and navigator for desktop.

Maps uses the increasingly popular OpenStreetMap (openstreetmap.org/) to provide an accurate world map of roads, streets, and even shops.

Maps is as simple as any other map navigator program, and can navigate with way points and use #GPS.

Once made, the route can be printed so it can be traveled later.

Website 🔗: wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Maps

apt 📦: gnome-maps

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

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Are there #OSM conventions on how to tag doorbell cameras that sweep public walks, as distinct from other camera types?

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Wanna find out where (not) to park in your neighbourhood, with #OpenStreetMap data? You can help improve the map, by adding or updating OSM directly.


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Awards 2019 Call for Nominees is open. You can submit people and projects you have noticed. Do not choose between who to mention and who isn't "worthy": this is a call for a long list, which will be shortened later. Details at lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm.

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