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You missed a talk at the ? The @c3voc and volunteers from the conference published a lot of talks yesterday. Have fun watching them.

Published videos: media.ccc.de/c/sotm2019 

ReLive (uncutted stream recording): streaming.media.ccc.de/sotm201 

Live: streaming.media.ccc.de/sotm201 

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Over 500 people have converged on Heidelberg this weekend for the big OpenStreetMap international conference "State Of The Map" 2019.stateofthemap.org  @sotm

Once again, time to promote Mastodon/Fediverse at

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You don't want to miss the introduction and keynote but cannot be in Heidelberg? Get comfortable, and open the stream in 20 minutes. streaming.media.ccc.de/sotm201

“Conspiracy theory: whatfreewords is what3words effectively releasing their code under a "developer licence" to increase adoption“

There is a Telegram group for State of the Map, the conference. Join it to keep in touch with other attendees
(yes the link says 2018, but it's valid for this year too)

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Will you attend @sotm? You can become an OpenStreetMap Foundation member or renew your membership on-site. Interested? Read more about membership wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Me  and our fee waiver program join.osmfoundation.org/fee-wai and visit the OSMF table (close to the welcome desk).

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A special beer being brewed for the State Of The Map conference this weekend

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Going out for shopping? Keep the #OSM app handy so you can quickly mark the places! #freesoftware
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Looks like someone secretly released the code to what3words

I'm looking forward to going to in Heidelberg in a week! 🙂

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Are you traveling to Heidelberg for ? Use the time to read about our tips and suggestions for getting around in : 2019.stateofthemap.org/attendi

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