Are you a member of the Foundation? It supports the OpenStreetMap project (servers & trademarks are legally owned by the ). You can join an vote for only £15 per year, and help influence part of OSM, and vote for the board of directors. 🙂
Join today!

@rory I followed that link, but opted not to join the Open Street Map Foundation due to privacy concerns. The 'become a member' page at says, in part:

"Normal Members are members as mentioned in the UK Companies Act. These members have to submit their full name and residential address in our register of members. While OSMF will not actively publish the register, it can be inspected by the public as per the UK Companies Act. "

Oh well, then.

@FikaWolf yes that's a problem. It's required for UK law.

There is "associated member" which gives all the same voting rights as regular membership, and you're still supporting the org, but your not legally a "member" for UK law, so your personal details aren't shared. 😉 It was created for exactly the privacy concern you pointed out. 🙂

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