It was just an example of how even in the face of you can get people to gravitate towards one particular provider, given enough .

Take for example, a glorified server, or , and all the rest of garden-walled implementations.

We need to do something different to break that cycle. I don't know what the solution is but it will be / , not .


@61 WhatsApp is based on a stripped down ("optimised") version of the XMPP C2S protocol, but it has never been a part of the !xmpp federated network, nor advertised itself as such.
It's as if Twitter were to implement a highly modified version of the ActivityPub's C2S protocol. Would'n've made a slightest difference.

@xrevan86 Yep, that was my point. The current business model is fucked as it relies on hoarding users.

A saner business model could be along the lines of developing the protocol and then offer clients, hardware, services, etc., etc., that take advantage of it.

is one successful example of things done right, is a good example of things done wrong.

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