Sooo the tags for cool take-stuff-bring-stuff type places that I currently know are:


And I love them just as much as I love those places :)

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I was so excited to see that
amenity=freeshop is now kind of a thing, with a few handfuls of uses and its own wiki article:

Last time I checked, the only thing I found was advice to tag freeshops as shop=second_hand or shop=charity, which just doesn't do them justice.

I also went on a walk today and found one new-to-me public bookcase, and one not-quite-new-to-me give box, uh, give sculpture, actually, that I had forgotten about.

Pretty good for one day!

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Anywhere you are in the world, you can watch the sessions of !

We are livestreaming via HOT unSummit humanitarian Sessions Youtube livestream:

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State of the Map 2022 "talk to me" (or not) pin-back buttons

Cheeky access=* tag

A cemetery in ( turned some abandoned graves into public bookshelves ( I was really itching to map them on my way home today, but I forgot to put on sunscreen so today wasn't the day for adventures.

Ok, but, actually, at least one around here is in trans colors. Which… is like a rainbow crossing in spirit, but I still don't feel like the tag works well for it… I'm sure someone's thought about this before, what did you come up with?

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Sooo, dear wider internet, is a great way to add any rainbow crossings that you happen to know of to .

Alternatively, if you're into that shit and prefer to do it differently, crossing:marking=rainbow is the tag to add :)

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I deleted my previous toot because I couldn't believe rainbow crossings were this under-mapped and was sure I was overlooking something. But no, apparently they're not just under-mapped here, but in… most places:

I'm not even that much into them, but I feel like that is going to change. Next time I see one, I hope I remember to tag it! There's tons of them in . Well, a handful at least.

Tried out the Every Door app, and liked it! I'm not sure if I'll use it regularly, but once I got over the "aaaah so many symbols, what do they mean" it was definitely fun.


Since my current main mastodon account is much more personal, and I left the one nice telegram group I was in, I really missed some connection to nice OSM stuff :)

I filled out my OSM profile today for the first time ever – in German, the language most of the contributors around me use. Maybe it's because I'm kinda wary of German OSM communities that I felt like making an account here to balance that.

I'm so excited to be here!

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