Auf eins ist Verlaß: Die Karlsruher Großbaustellen sind von Corona offenbar nicht betroffen, da geht die Arbeit weiter wie wir es seit 10 Jahren gewohnt sind.

my #1 thing that i always have to look up and never remember: how to add a list of numbers on the command line: paste -sd+ - |bc

Ryanair didn't think so. Cancelled my fliight *shakes fist*

Nice breeze outside. Just the right day for my planned flight to Stansted Airport! in which I explain how paying people to contribute to OSM deprives them of the real OSM and gives them a low-grade fake instead.

Co-branding madness: bought some ladies perfume today and was given a free sample of: "Victorinox Swiss Army STEEL, an endless aquatic splash of fresh water accords, clashed by a powerful cedarwood signature."... I'd have expected a thorough note of sweat with hints of engine oil.

En 2019 les gens sont tellement cons qu'ils s'offusquent de voir des étoiles défiler avec le petit easter egg de JOSM à Noël. Alors que les gens de 2018 aimaient bien. Mais où va-t-on sérieusement ? (translation: JOSM users are complaining about falling stars...)

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