Experimental split window support for the property editor and other goodies coming in 18.0 (happy birthday ) vespucci.io/help/en/18.0.0%20R

Seems to be back (no communication from google though).

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The issue was the link to the privacy policy vespucci.io/help/en/Privacy/ was broken for a couple of days (just online, the on device version was naturally available all the time).

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The app is currently not available from the playstore because of a DNS issue (that took a couple of minutes to fix). Unluckily google saw fit to remove the app without any warning, and due to the well known google issues we currently can't give an ETA for when it will be back...

One guess what this is .... the only weirdness seems to be related to making the window larger, but otherwise works as expected (version 18 will make working with mouse / pen more efficient BTW).

July maintenance release 17.1.2 (out early because of upcoming vacation time) is on the play store and on our repo. github.com/MarcusWolschon/osme

What will likely be 18.0 has already progressed nicely, more on that soon.

Naturally the confusion that this creates works mainly for the apps that are -not- as squeaky clean as we are.

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google is now showing data privacy practices on the play store play.google.com/store/apps/dat in principle a good thing, but as they don't provide a way to express that any data ( edits, GPX tracks etc) "shared" is by user actively doing so, it comes out totally wrong.

1st release of 17.1 is now rolling out on the playstore.

Release notes: vespucci.io/help/en/17.1.0%20R

Change log: github.com/MarcusWolschon/osme

Note that at least for now @Maxar@twitter.com imagery has been disabled as we haven't received an updated key for the two sources.

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@VminVsky@twitter.com <sarcasm>Isn't that a bit of downer after last years tech tabloid headlines implying that is completely dominated by corporate editing?</sarcasm>

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Every time I follow a discussion on HackerNews, which is rare I have to say, I come to the conclusion that if it is representative of the global tech elite, we are doomed.

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.@osmose_qa@twitter.com we're at last getting around to updating our osmose support to API 0.3. However wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Os seems as if there is something wrong with the documentation link on wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Os (it literally points to a 404 page).

... and a variant that starts the property editor directly on clicking a POI from the list.

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Just tagged the 1st Beta release of 17.1, expect it to be available together with the May maintenance release of 17.0 in the next couple of days.

Release notes for 17.1; vespucci.io/help/en/17.1.0%20R (@fdroidorg@twitter.com users take note), change log: github.com/MarcusWolschon/osme

We're planning to remove support for Android 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 (released in 2011) devices in version 18 (fall 2022).

See github.com/MarcusWolschon/osme

If you are still using such devices with a private instance of the API, pls contact us.

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@RealIvanSanchez@twitter.com @richardf@twitter.com Con: it doesn't have the network effects of twitter.

Pro: it doesn't have the network effects of twitter.

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April 2022 maintenance release 17.0.6 is now available from the play store. A bit earlier than normal in the month because vacations. With other words no same day response to new issues for a week or two.

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