Are you a student with programming experience, looking for an exciting job during July? We'll be doing a MapComplete-project about accessibility and still searching for students. More info at

Check out those nice colourful crossings in #Brussels. 🏳️‍🌈

Such paintings are becoming quite common and some of them are permanent.

If we want to make an inventory of them for #OpenStreetMap, what tag should be added here? Any idea, anyone?

Ping @amapanda

Namely email with which of the stickers from here, and I'll post you stickers anywhere in the world for free. (

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Often, I'm in an space, and I think "I could mention the sticker program, but I'm sure everyone knows", but I mention it anyway, and I get a request for stickers. 😅 Someone learned for the first time! 👍🏻🙂

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Q abt disability and law (UK) 

UK #disabled people and #wheelchair users - has anyone ever had success taking a small/independent business to court for discrimination (e.g. no wheelchair access), and it actually resulted in them improving access?

I've been reading
this guide which brilliantly lays out the process of getting compensation from businesses who discriminate.

But what if you don't care about the money?

This is very specific but I'm wondering if anyone here knows any resources for trans people in Croatia? I'm trying to put someone there who has very transphobic parents in touch with some support. :boosts_ok:

Language selection is now available in the Mastodon web app. Make sure your posts are seen by people who understand them!

Supports quickly finding the right language with fuzzy search and remembers your most frequently selected languages.


imma proud to be a queer member of .
nolite te bastardes carborundorum



Today is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (etc.).
OpenStreetMappers come in many shapes and sizes, and are unstoppable 😍



As the tooltip points out, it's because is powering Apple Maps (in lots, but not all, places), and is actually pretty good.

Come join us, and help make a map of the world for everyone.




New #wheelchair rim guards! Nice bright purple ones from RehaDesign, I've used them for a few days now and the additional grip they add is really useful, it's now a lot easier to propel myself - especially up slopes, without needing assistance!

We could add this sort of thing to 🤔
(except I fear healthcare tagging (in general?) in might be a bit of a mess…)


Seeing that Roe vs Wade will be overturned, I want to create a website where women can enter in where they are and see the closest available safe & legal abortion clinics.

DM to collaborate.


OTOH tagging grows from the interaction of “People adding data” (mappers) & “People reading/using the data” (data consumers). If both are present, then good OSM data grows. This sort of _data use_ might create better mapping.

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exists so that regular humans like us, can control what is, and isn't, mapped; instead of old fashioned power gatekeepers.

A’ coimhead airson Faclair LGDTCE+ nas fheàrr ach tha coltas nach eil ri fhaighinn. Beachdan sam bith? #lgdtce+ #lgbt #minoritylanguages

If you're coming from Twitter, you might not recognize the "post privacy" option.

Basically, each post you send on Mastodon can have 1 of 4 privacy settings: Public, Unlisted, Followers-only, or Direct.

Basically, Public goes far and wide, Followers-only is nice for more personal stuff (and can't be boosted -- retweeted), and Direct means it's like a Direct Message to any and all users you mention (tag) in your post.

Have set up a non-OSM account on a more general server whilst I investigate self-hosting

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Just caught up on yesterday's news properly. So, we're about to get busier, right?

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