RT @JokerJoe234: Btw. the team is collecting photos for a group photo. Just use as additional hashtag if you want to…

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Thx all, helping to enable the , I could attend comfortably from home.

It was an amazing journey! Thank you all for connecting the nodes. Until then, Stay safe....

Don't miss the closing session, starting in 5 minutes

Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!! OSM Quiz coming up at 20:45 UTC

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Btw. the team is collecting photos for a group photo. Just use as additional hashtag if you want to participate with a photo.

LIVE on Track 2 NOW! Kathleen Lu @kathleenthelaw talking about "Trademarks & OSMFEverything You Wish You Knew About Trademarks But Were Afraid to Ask™️ "

We're back for final sessions for Day 2 in 4 minutes. Stay tuned....

RT @LorenzoStucchi: I finished my talks as host at @sotm! Thanks to technical team, the SOTM WG and all the speaker with their interesting…

Taylor Reich will present a talk in 30 minutes on Pedestrians FirstMeasuring walkability in cities worldwide at 20:00 UTC

UP Resilience Institute (UPRI) and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) - Philippines mapped and validated building footprints in Quezon City, Metro Manila on OpenStreetMap.

Unite Maps Initiative @UN_Mappers contributes to the creation of topographic and operational maps to UN Peacekeeping missions editing geographic data on OSM both with an internal mapping facility and crowdsourcing activities.

European Water Project works to convince individuals to use water bottles that can be refilled in a sustainable way and avoid creating single-use plastic.

Self-Organized Sessions currently underway

Interactive tourism mapping using free and open source software: a case study in Kathmandu, Nepal

Using OSM data to detect best tourist (sub)zones in the city Niš (Serbia)

What I think about Tagging when I think about Running

How OpenStreetMap data can help to provide sanitation to millions

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