The teardown of is almost finished. Thanks for being here in and attending the conference. We hope you got home safe or could stay a little longer in Heidelberg for a few days off.

The is not over yet. We still have some interesting talks coming. Meanwhile, did you wonder how the logo of the conference evolved? Have a look at what we found in a notebook.

After the next break we will gather in the main room GHS for a few exciting announcements and a something special to close the conference...

The transport ministry published a press release jointly with the @osm foundation and @UniHeidelberg about

poster session starting at 18:00 in the foyer of Mathematikon. We have finger-food and free drinks waiting for you.

You used the program at the booklet? Please keep in mind that some parts changed and have a look at the room doors and the program near the stairs.

We opened Mathematikon A for since Mathematikon B is already booked out for the day. The room should have a blackboard and a working beamer. Feel free to add your sessions.

You missed a talk at the ? The @c3voc and volunteers from the conference published a lot of talks yesterday. Have fun watching them.

Published videos: 

ReLive (uncutted stream recording): 


You're not yet at the social event? The buffet has opened 15 minutes ago.

Please be aware that we don't have any cloakroom at the social event location. So don't bring your huge luggage.

Don't miss the social event at 19:00 in the Hebelhalle. Don't know how to get there? Take a look at our map or use the public transport to “Rudolf-Diesel-Straße, Heidelberg”.

Public Transport:


Group Photo at courtyard of Mathematikon at 15:30. Just go through the east entrance straight to the building opposed to the BräuStadel.

Want highlights of the talks and what people think? Take a look at the very busy tweets and join in the conversation! This account will focus more on announcements and important information.

You don't want to miss the introduction and keynote but cannot be in Heidelberg? Get comfortable, and open the stream in 20 minutes.

RT @gregorymarler
I'm not your tour guide, but I will guide you to the professional tour guide. If you added it to your ticket then come & join us. @sotm

If you want to get in mood for and not attending the , you can watch their livestreams at 
Thanks to @c3voc for streaming and recording both conferences.

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