.. @richardf@twitter.com will be very happy that while this particular bit of history has been expunged from English Wikipedia, it is still documented here de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potlatch (no I'm not going to explain why this is very very funny).

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In very nerdy stuff: 2022 might be the 1st year, because of the final demise of flash, that there will be no edits with Potlatch 0/1 wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Po since the beginning of modern OSM. ...

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EU Commissioner @YlvaJohansson@twitter.com is preparing to launch a new law to force the mass surveillance of private online communications but has refused to meet with privacy experts like @EDRi@twitter.com.

The Commissioner has met with Facebook but Has-Commissioner-Johansson-met?

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We're planning to remove support for Android 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 (released in 2011) devices in version 18 (fall 2022).

See github.com/MarcusWolschon/osme

If you are still using such devices with a private instance of the API, pls contact us.

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