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is an inherently political project. We're trying to change the way the world collects, and shares map data.

IMO iD doesn't belong to us, but does. That is under common ownership of the OSM community. And the OSM community can think about whether we want this particular bunch of code in that particular place.

Like all open source projects, I'm willing to let the iD devs do whatever they want. It's their project, we aren't/I amn't paying their wages, they have no duty to listen to me. Let them do what they want.

Otherwise you have the unhealthy situation of people thinking FLOSS maintainers owe them something.

“iD editor: It is time for us to end this abusive relationship”
Well this is certainly an inflamatory post about the current state of iD & .
Although I think this phrasing is too extreme, I do broadly agree that the community should think about whether we should always have the current released version of iD on

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I've been on a #HOTOSM ( kick lately, and it's at a really great intersection for me: open source, making maps, doing good/helping people, and fixing up sloppy work done by other (often well-meaning!) people. And it's short bursts of intense focus, as many times as I like. It's actually, uh, really great.

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Over the past quarter we have, for the first time, sustained an editing rate of over 100,000,000 edits per month! Stats are newly updated at:

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Pro tip for sysadmins, developers and DBAs.

State of the Map South East Europe () is over. And once again I am energized by the community. The Kosovan & Albanian people I meet via always seem so nice and are doing cool stuff with FLOSS

I'm heading to Kosovo for (State of the Map, South East Europe), a regional event. 🙂

If you want some stickers, please feel free to get in touch. Over the next little while I'll get a more proper system in place.

(BTW the people/groups requested swag, I'm not just randomly sending OpenStreetMap merch to random places)

I want to be better with promotional material, and I've been on a sticker vibe lately. So today I sent a packet of stickers to Bangladesh, and later fly to Kosovo and hand deliver some more.

At this weekend hack weekend in @geofabrik
I worked on a new idea for “delayed” OSM replication, where changes aren't sent on immediately. This could allow proper community based anti-vandalism.

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Less than 10 days from #SotMSEE! 🤩

Check out the website for our speakers, talks and workshops!

Registration ongoing, a few spots still available!

#Mappers #OpenStreetMap #GIS
25 - 27 October, Prizren

Trying to print more stickers, and batteling PDFs. Why does this website imply the background of this is black, not white, when it detect white for other PDFs made from same process! 😢

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OpenStreetMap developers are gathering for the "Karlsruhe Hack Weekend" again this coming weekend: Hosted at @Geofabrik offices (or last year there were too many hackers and they needed this overspill room in the university nearby!)

Even comparing pubs between Ireland & England & Germany and things are different enough to get into tagging discussions and to come up with differences.

One of 's goals is (basically) to make a global database and taxonomy of everything/objective geographic facts, and it's amazing how different the same thing can be between similar cultures.

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