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I'm tempted to go to State of the Map South East Europe in Kosovo in a few weeks... 🤔

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If you are an #OpenStreetMaps user, I built a simple app that allows to display different maps ordered in categories.

You can use your location and switch easily from a map to another one.

It's really simple currently and we are testing it. The idea is from @Bristow_69




is an interesting idea
Trying out some sort of cartography project every day, a bit like , but for cartographers. I only started at day 6, but I plan to catch up🙈 My cartober 6 is: largest airports at an altitude of over 3000 feet:

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Many of you who know me know that I make this call regularly. Again and again I realize that in many cities and especially in the countryside some data in Openstreetmaps are missing, from information to shops, addresses or entire streets. Take time 10 to 15 minutes time today and check times near your place of residence at OSM if everything is well maintained there. I thank you.

#Openstreetmap #OSM #opensource #maps #community #help #freedom

I'm playing with making graphs of what is being mapped in over time, and here's the obvious one of Ireland's long townland mapping project!

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Seeing my changes on #openstreetmap little by little being uploaded to all cool #osm powered apps and services I know feels so, so motivating and rewarding.

Boy ain't open source a wonderful thing.

I'm downloading all the videos from . I can look at them later.

This downloads the SD video quality, because space/bandwidth.
youtube-dl -f eng-h264-sd

The small, but active community in is holding their first (?) conference in a few weeks “State of the Map South East Europe”. I won't be there, but I wish them luck. I met some of them at and they seemed a nice bunch. 😃

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Registration is NOW open!

150 participants will be accepted.

Registration is free and includes sleeping, meals and organized transport.

The application deadline is October 18!

See you in Prizren! 📌
#sotmsee #OpenStreetMap

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You missed a talk at the ? The @c3voc and volunteers from the conference published a lot of talks yesterday. Have fun watching them.

Published videos: 

ReLive (uncutted stream recording): 


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Over 500 people have converged on Heidelberg this weekend for the big OpenStreetMap international conference "State Of The Map"  @sotm

Once again, time to promote Mastodon/Fediverse at

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You don't want to miss the introduction and keynote but cannot be in Heidelberg? Get comfortable, and open the stream in 20 minutes.

“Conspiracy theory: whatfreewords is what3words effectively releasing their code under a "developer licence" to increase adoption“

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