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I order to plan an upcoming evening route, I am using serveral different map styles of data., OpenTopoMap &
Surely there's a better way!

hah! Solved my algebra problems. All is working now. The problem was just me mixing up variables when transcribing the algorithm!

I swear to the gods above and below, I'm looking at this algebraic equation and I must be doing something wrong.

I shall be the better programmer, and walk away and have dinner and wine and film.

You win this round matrix

Forget 2d maps, I wanna make 1d maps!

I do love programming.

If only I had the patience to clean things up and release them as open source

Trying to figure how to do matrix multiplication so I can finish my library to do world file reading/writing so I can write a programme thar warps images.

I am getting more project ideas!

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How many times have you ran out of battery juice, and you didn't have an extra battery pack, or a compatible cable?

On OSM, you can map these amenities as `amenity=device_charging_station`

We gotta organise something in my local city. Nothing planned yet. 😔

In August will be 15 years old! Find your local celebration here (it's quite bare now, maybe run an event in your local area? 🙂)

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RT @openstreetmap
Would you like to translate posts on  or see surveys from the OpenStreetMap Foundation in your language? This is a call to people who have helped with translations in the past or want to help now :)

I have suspended/blocked from this instance.

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The Kontur Map is another visualization of #OpenStreetMap objects with the #HighResolutionSettlementLayer from #Facebook . It can show areas where mapping work may be prioritized during an emergency mapping response, versus OSM objects and population data. It should be helpful for regular, non-emergency mapping initiatives, too.

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Things I wish people would tell me:

It's okay to be queer and not be some counter-cultural revolutionary. It doesn't invalidate you or make you any less of who you are, and it doesn't mean you don't belong. It's okay to just be who you are - and if that means just living your life and trying to find peace, that's perfectly acceptable.

I would like to print out an area (in B&W), but include as much details as possible, with many PoIs so I can navigate based on them

Everytime I am about to travel, I try to an map, and think "Someone should make a better printing service/map style for urban areas".

And I never do.

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