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Did you know there's lots of Telegram channels? This is a pretty big and active channel. Meet more of the community!


community recently looked at how was mapped in and a working group decided that it should be included as part of Russia only, since they have physical control.

This seems to have really touched a nerve with some people...

I just did some mapping by taking photos of shops on my phone, which will store geotags, loading them in JOSM and mapping from that. It's been a while since I've done that old school way, and it was quite productive.

I wish my phone stored orientation/direction the photo was taken in, like mapillary does.

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Last weekend "State of the Map Asia 2018" took place in Bangalore. @SotmAsia stateofthemap.asiaΒ 
OpenStreetMap contributors, developers, users and supporters from many Asian countries participated and organised this event.

This year's Foundation board elections has a new twist, there'll be a new way to ask candidates questions. They'll all be collated together and put to the candidates. I can see the pros and cons. It'll be interesting to see how it works out.

It can be tricky to use a website for adding details to , since the site might be up, but the venue closed. Pubs & nightclubs usually have photos or posts on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, so you can confirm they are still active.

I hope to make the best open database of venues!

I'm going through venues in with the "gay" tag, looking for their websites, and adding the "lgbtq=primary" and other details from their website.

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is a database, but there are 2 sides to that. Entering data into , and reading/using data. 2 sides of a coin.

doesn't have rules about tagging (despite what the wiki says, tags don't need to voted on)

So if you want to spruce up the tagging of certain things, you need to talk to people who have already started mapping that thing and the lot of yous need to come to one a decision on how to tag that thing. The messaging system allow you to contact mappers.

Someone asks if should use layers and split up planet.osm, and there's some good replies and explanations of the reasons why not to have layers (which I agree with)

I think `lgbtq=primary` might be a good way to tag venues in . Thoughts?

It's that time of the year again! Explain PR-STV to people.

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