@kaeedo Welcome to . 🙂

FYI all edits happen live, although you can request a review, that's merely a way to signal to other OSMers that you're not 100% confident and would like help. But as soon as you save/upload it goes live in the OSM database.

Lately, when I enable the Bing aerial imagery, it cases to hang & freeze. Does that happen to anyone else?

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I've been doing streak.osmz.ru/ for the past few days and it's been a really neat way to get into improving #OpenStreetMap little by little. Tonight I sat down to add ten nodes to a river, and ended up posting up over 1000 changed nodes just now. In addition to greatly improving the way for the Ibina River in the DRC in Africa, I added over 50km of previously-unmapped tributaries while I was at it, and tidied up a few nearby villages: openstreetmap.org/changeset/91

I'm now up to 9 days in a row, and 27 points. Onward and upward :)

Many thanks to @Doudouosm for introducing me to it, it's been very effective! #osmstreak #mapping #maps

@InsertUser Nah, it's just that I used the data file from ( download.geofabrik.de/north-am ). 🙂 It shouldn't be interpreted as anything like that.

@kaputse I'm trying to do Europe now, but I don't have enough RAM! 😭

@wend I'm trying to do Europe now, but I don't have enough RAM! 😭

@bluss I'm happy to answer any questions you have about how to do this. In general, or how this weird abstracted pile of Makefiles work. 🙂

@bluss The hardest part (for me as a programmer) is figuring out what to map, and colours, and areas 🤣 And then figureing out gdal command lines.

Code is here git.sr.ht/~ebel/osm-ie-buildin for now, but I'll make it better.

I started with git.sr.ht/~ebel/osm-summary-he

See also git.sr.ht/~ebel/osm-summary-he

Have you ever thought “Gee I wonder if you took data, and coloured the image based on the distance to the nearest building?”

No? What kind of person _are_ you? 😛
(red=0→1km, orange=1→2km, yellow=2→5km,green=5→50km, blue=>50km)

@InsertUser yeah I saw something on that... I need to read it more

If you were making a map of of North Ameriuca (MX+US+CA), what Spatial Reference System would you use?
I'd like 'equal area', but mostly something that 'looks good'

@AkuAnakTimur I don't know if there will be any proposals (“resolutions”), probably not.

But there will be 3 (of the 7) board seats up for election, and the same rules.

The 14th Annual General Meeting of the Foundation will be held online on Saturday, 12 December 2020 at 16:00 UTC.


Someone made a recursive relation in which broke our Nominatim servers. Hilariously, it was in Chernobyl.
Here's how to fix lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

One of these days I will figure out what the @weeklyOSM form submission fields mean.

Until then, I'll just copy/paste the same thing in all the boxes. 😛😛😛

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It happened *again*, my truck was stolen *again* in front of my apartment last night. Looking for #Oklahoma tag JVZ 313, a 1999 Chevy K1500 Silverado. Here's pictures of it before I got the plates changed over earlier this summer...

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