@kensanata @Doudouosm I saw that and was initially very interested.

But then I read the Terms & Conditions. ๐Ÿคฎ To use Aether, you have a contract with a private company, with forced arbitration, no class action, with the company able to change the contract at will.

Its probably just a copy/paste contract. But I don't trust this sort of set up. I've seen it all before. When the VC money comes round, when the shareholders say things...

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A big mapping party in Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines. The Lilac Street area was divided up and mapped in detail as described on @GOwin 's diary: openstreetmap.org/user/GOwin/d @MapAmorePH

@ND3JR Oh I often map when I'm travelling too!

@gappleto97 depends a lot on personal circumstances I suppose, but ensuring you spend less than you earn, and saving for a rainy day is always good advice?

@ND3JR I'm not 100% sure about when the ito world maps update. The wiki says only every 7 days, which isn't great....


@ND3JR The 3rd (OSMI) is for "not correctly tagged maxspeed", missing maxspeed isn't included.

It shows some data for USA ( tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/?view= ). I think there just isn't much maxspeed tags (or *incorrect* maxspeed tags) in USA

@3rik Cool! We have a little mapstodon instance here.

@logomancer @drwho @grainloom photon is open source software.

It might find the thing you searched for because it is different software, but it's still all backed by the same data

@drwho @grainloom StreetComplete has made it a little easier. But yes, it's time consuming.

Do you know about OpenAddresses? ( wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Op ) They are collating "open" data address files? Ish.

@61 I've had success running minidlna on a fileserver, which shares video files over a local network. VLC supports it out of the box.

@grainloom @drwho In theory there's an address bar on osm.org, Alas, address coverage in is... well... rubbish. It's totally boring for to record house addresses.

On osm.org you can right click to do directions.

@drwho @grainloom There has been some work on attempting to improve this, such as the "OSM Welcome Mat" welcome.openstreetmap.org/

What do you think about some of the intro stuff on the wiki? wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ab

@grainloom Lots of routing software is available as HTTP/web/JSON APIs. OSRM and GraphHopper are big, good ones. Perhaps you could script something against them?


@wakest @sproid CloudMade kinda pivoted a few times and doesn't do map stuff anymore.

In many ways Mapbox are doing a lot of what CloudMade tried a few years ago.

@socalledunitedstates @GreenandBlack @scottishwobbly I am trying to improve the mapping of venues in , and there are smilar concerns. I'm using the rule of "if the venue has a big rainbow flag outside, then add it."

has an "on the ground rule", where in theory you can map something if you can see it from outside.

So a shelter for domestic violence victims shouldn't be mapped (as such) if it's supposed to be secret and (say) just looks like a house from outside.

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