@bitnapper yeah, I get you. Such a feature, or editing app would be cool

Alas I only have android, so I dunno about ios

@bitnapper I theory you might be able to use pic4review on an iOS device... 😛

@norwin Mapbox have a habit of abandonining projects. They did stuff with mbtiles, then abandoned it for MVTs, which I think are now abandoned for computer vision stuff.

Mapnik _can_ create MVT files, I _think_ that's how tilelive does it. But that's a cluster fuck of pain and hard to use. I think that doesn't even work on modern Ubuntu anymore. You're probably better using something else (e.g. ST_AsMVT) to create MVT files.
Mapnik can _read_ MVT files and sytle them, but again, cluter fuck of horribleness.

MBTiles are just a container for tiles. Initially they were for raster tiles, but you can (and people do) put MVT files inside them.

There was (years ago?) some other talk/ideas of other formats of “vector tiles”, but now MVT are what peopel mean.

MVTs don't have any styling. They're just data.

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@Lofenyy do you have some Screenshots of what vespucci does? That sounds like a bug

@Lofenyy vespucci needs some Internet connection for showing aerial imagery

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Mapping efforts (personal, organized, directed, etc) should be mindful about any existing data they might encounter. We don't want to see any one's efforts wasted.

We should strive to collaborate when possible, and keep communication lines open, especially when it comes to data quality.

The data that is added to is no longer your "own", it becomes the collective resource of the community.

It's sad to see enthusiastic mappers getting disheartened.


@Lofenyy as well as vespucci, OSMAnd has an editing plugin which can do simple editing. It's a little fiddly IMO

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Maybe you've noticed that #OpenStreetMap map tiles are being served very slow in the last few months. The #OSM tech team has now made clear [1] that any offer for caching servers would be appreciated. If you'd like to support them, see wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Se for more info.

[1]: 🐦 twitter.com/OSM_Tech/status/12

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Recommend me your #video chat systems. For group call of ~10 techie ppl, _strong_ preference for #FLOSS.

We used #Zoom & that worked really well, but is a car crash of privacy. #Skype seem alright. #Jitsi is, IME, unfortunately pretty technically rubbish, and lacks mod abilities

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thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"

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"People who transport food, medicine, and other supplies still need to move and they are highly dependent on maps. You can help them by improving the map in your local area" twitter.com/TheMissingMaps/sta

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