Most of my time is spent doing stuff. While I keep doing mapping, I don't have a lot of other things, like import review, or proper software dev, or writing, or or or. Ah well.

@BalooUriza @samtuke No 2 pieces of software will be 100% the same. The email client I used ( flattens all threads, so I don't know how 'tree-like' it is. But I am able to view it all in one 'thread'.

Are you able to try out a discourse forum and find out?

@BalooUriza @samtuke agreed. You can only get rid of the mailing lists *if* you can provide a discussion option that can used 100% via email.


I am currently trying out a discourse site via mailing list to see what it's like.

It's alright, not 100%, but I think it should be OK. I'll write something up sometime.

I recommend all mailing list fans try it out, so we can get more points of view. 🙂


Thankfull the problem has been solved in the underlying data. 🙂

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I made, to show townlands from data, but it's been so long, that I can't easily install it on my own computer now. And I have to fix a bug! 😭


Join (OSM Foundation chair) for a series of *Online Briefings on the 2021 OSMF Community Survey* next week! Allan will be trialing a simultaneous translation app so people should be able to follow in their own language. Details here:


@jambamkin I can't remember how long the streak was. I used “day” to mean when I was awake. So if I made an edit at 00:20 on the way home, that still counted as the previous day to me.

Hmmmm... is looking at adding something for unisex toilets tagging in . I don't agree with how many there are throwing away the `unisex` tag... It's not as bad as they think I think

Oops. I think yesterday was the first time in a long while that I didn't make an map edit. 🤯

I was busy all morning then met friends for lunch, and came home late.

Yes changeset count isn't totally a relevant figure, but it's still fun.

Let us have our fun! 😛


100 Million Edits to OpenStreetMap! The collective contribution of nearly 1 billion features globally over 16 years, by over 1.5 million mappers. Changeset 100,000,000 was uploaded by user Lamine Ndiaye, adding buildings in Nianiane, Sénégal.


wow I was well off. We're 3k changesets away.

c'mon people! Map!

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