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Looking for some way to upload OpenStreetMaps on my old Garmin eTrex Venture HC, i love this little handheld GPS. But all i can find is Windows software that generates detailed maps that the device cannot render. #gps #garmin #openstreetmap

@santiago Back in Ye Olden Days (pre-smart phones), many uses put maps on their Garmins. Here's some details: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OS or dl direct from garmin.opentopomap.org/

I am a professional. I was writing a little script.

I got my latitude & longitude mixed up. 🤦

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Libre Lounge @librelounge has nice on Libre matters, in particular a series on , starting with "What is Federation" and then digging into it with a "Part 1 / 2 / 3" set: librelounge.org/archive/.

@liluminus honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe just news about OSM, and discussion? Depends who hosts /produces of I suppose

@karlos @liluminus yep ( podcast.openstreetmap.de/). I've sometimes listened to it. They're only realising one or two episodes per year now.

Y'know there isn't any English language .... 🤔 🤔 🤔

I wonder if it's worth setting up de.osm.town for language talk? I could spin up a new mastodon instance there. Thoughts?

( I have osm.town and i can point de.osm.town (or any other one) anywhere. Feel free to DM me. )

@reclus I looked at the EULA ( wikiroutes.info/manual/en/agre ), and it's bad. The company () owns all data you submit, they can change the EULA/licence at any time, they (and only they) can use it commerically. The only way to get the data is to contact them to ask about prices.

on the other hand, is an actual community project. If they used 's copyleft licence (ODbL), they wouldn't be able to do most of that.

I smell just another company looking for sharecroppers

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A particularly nasty variant of armchair mapping: "Mapping from the newspapers".

When the local media announces changes that have been recently voted by local councils, some enthusiasts reflect those in OSM… sometimes years before they are effective.

Streets changing names, extension of pedestrian plazas, mergers between large firms, speed limits…

Possible mitigation: use the "note" key to add a short warning.


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Does anybody know a blog post or other info on what the absolute minimum information required on a German website would be to satisfy #GDPR / #TMG reqs if you don't store ip #logs, #cookies, etc.?

@AkuAnakTimur 🤔 if they're copying from a random source, that could be a problem? A data working group problem....

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Arghhhh… I'm getting a bit mad seeing Grab*Geostar mapper(s) overwriting ground truth with undisclosed data.

A certain highway can carry another (nick)name. However, I'm sticking with what is displayed on the street sign. Golden rules and all that — at least you're not making things up.

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"OSM is super easy, just create an accound and start editing the map!"

I’m not a huge fan of promoting OSM this way.

I love improving the map to add more and more details about my city. It’s much less fun to have to use undelete tools or dig through history to restore mistakes by careless newbies.

I agree that protecting some objects against changes or peer certification will deter new people from joining. But I’d like to hear thoughts about how to protect the map against such edits.

@thufie @bxl_forever have you tried to map that body of water? (and maybe other details)? So if someone wants to join them, they'll see the water and think twice

@bxl_forever I think editing software could help. Software which is limited and only allows you to do certain things, and prevents new uses from doing things. StreetComplete is an example of that.

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In #OpenStreetMap , users (including anonymous ones) often use notes to leave feedback about map features. I try to initiate conversation with note contributors, and there are many who would respond back. It's heartening to see note contributors starting to map features themselves, after a engaging them positively through notes.

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@Stoori @Doudouosm @openstreetmap pic4review.pavie.info sorta might, maybe be useful? But that's more for sitting at home

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