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Is anyone/company offering #Peertube as a service? Like how @mastohost is "Mastodon-as-a-service"?

On the way to pick up a package, I took a detour to do some surveying. I bumped into @Nakaner@twitter.com, who asked if I was also out doing surveying

@Bristow_69 Il télécharge directement à partir du serveur OSM, plutôt que de passer par un pont. Il peut maintenant tout télécharger. 🙂

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I created a #JOSM Validator ruleset to warn of source=* tags on objects. It can be enabled directly in the JOSM preferences. #openstreetmap



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So I was browsing #openstreetmaps in my neighbourhood and realised there were mistakes, some streets didn't exist or the roads were blocked by a gate. Same map details more or less on Google's Map and it lead me to "fix the map". This was a good couple days ago and I don't know how osm works and everything but I was using OpenTracks just now. They have a cool feature with saving your route on an OSM thing. And I just realised that the map had changed! My fix was used in updating the stuff!

@Niquarl Welcome to ! Yep, is updated as soon as you make a change. It can take a few minutes before the osm.org map updates. I hope you keep editing, and contributing. It's fun. 🙂

(Any questions, feel free to fire them my way)

@Kyle personally, I often need to scribble things down on paper just to get my thoughts in order, and find that very useful. I find it much easier than typing into a blank text editor.

But whatever works for you. 🙂

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I got some food colouring, so I could make some more interesting biscuits. 😋🏳️‍🌈
Ich hab Lebensmittelfarbe, das heiß ich kann interessanter Kekse backen! 😋🏳️‍🌈

@vinber But I can only do English language (or maybe later Deutsch), I can't do French. Is that OK?

@vinber oh that would be nice! Yes, please. 🙂

The new version of (v26) has a fantasic new feature. It's much faster when download quests, and now will show you all the quests in an area. It's made things so so much faster & easier to use.


It's back to looking at again! I gotta parse some into the much more useful file.

@hinton That'd be cool. OSMF might be able to pay. I don't think there's any "peertube hosting as a service", like the masto.host which I'm using now :)

context: I'm from Ireland, which uses PR-STV voting system, and the uses a very similar system (but with fractional votes) for electing to the Board.
For me, transfers & preferences are obvious, and second nature, but for others it's a new & confusing system.

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No, you can't really “split votes”, or “steal votes” in PR.

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Oh it's explain Proportional Representation voting system to people time of the year again! 🤣

It's 2020, I suppose, I could just host it on my website with HTML5's <video> element....

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