@norwin OSM is the map for everything, even things we haven't thought of yet!

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Indeed the switch2osm.org/ย  site has been undergoing a revamp lately. Check it out and link people to it if they need to switch to OpenStreetMap!twitter.com/SteveC/status/1205

@InsertUser if you drag with Alt, then it'll create a new way. It can be good when doing irregular terraced buildings which are all glued together

@AbbieNormal @tykayn nik4 is a more advanced version of nik2img. That gui programme looks good

@AbbieNormal framatalk.org/OSMRMC20191211
Here's the jitsi/framatalk link. In theory it should work "out of the box" on modern web browsers

@AbbieNormal yes in half an hour. I will post the link just before. Its all in web browser

I serendipitously discovered a new feature of JOSM's extrude tool (X) which can make certain kind of building mapping much easier! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐ŸŽ‰

@BalooUriza there's a theory that the two are related. That imports can reduce community size

@AbbieNormal look at TileMill or Kosmtik. It's what the people who design the style use. They have install instructions

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Erasmus students of @euYoutH_OSM from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Germany and Ireland, during a mapathon in @PortmarnockCS, mapping Lesotho and Mozambique

I've started the video. I'll be here for ~1ยฝhr. Right now you can watch me trace buildings in Ireland into . or have a chat.

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@rory @all Just if you know one: Looking for an Rust example with key-down/up and drawing lines etc. on a window (linux/macOS)

@AbbieNormal Yes! You'd be setting up a tileserver. Switch2OSM has details: switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/

You wanna look at osm2pgsql to import the data into postgresql, and apache + mod_tile + mapnik to server it up.

I've done it dozens of tiles, if you need any help, just ping me

Looks like I gotta do another batch of stickers. Running out of what I have now. I'm gonna try flyeralarm for round ones, cause that seems much cheaper

@AkuAnakTimur Esperanto at least? The user has been on an โ€œEsperanto activismโ€ thing in OSM


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