@feonixrift IMO it depends on what you want to do. I find StreetComplete to be good for certain things.

Vespucci can certainly do everything possible.

There's still a lot of benefit in learning . Have you seen this software from an company for doing neural nets for detecting things from aerial imagery?

Long time, and super active mapper Tshedy will spend next Friday on a 24 hr one woman mapathon, to bring the map of to the next level of completeness.
An hour of your time mapping, or cheering on, can help.


@btcprox Bummer. If the basics of the area are already mapped (e.g. streets) you can use them to add PoIs ("There's a pub at this cross roads")

I'm getting ideas of things to do with replication services. Custom, filtered replication sites... 🤔

@61 it was one of those " will never take of unless it has $FEATURE" 😂

has been around for years, we're doing pretty well thank you very much

@61 @lesbianhacker can never be finished. 🙂 We can only get more and more complete. We're always including more things to map, and things change (about 5 to 10% per year I think?)

@lesbianhacker yes "streets" were often an initial priority, but it was popular with cyclists since the start (that quote is from an OSMer who's been around since the start). So OSM has always had a "not just car" aspect

@61 Sounds like this person should use MapProxy, or just run their own tile server...

"What you appear to be saying is that doesn’t provide motorist-centric features like “real-time traffic maps”. As someone who thinks the world would be a whole bunch better if there were fewer cars, I’m good with that. "

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It's been a while since I did some PostGIS / dataviz stuff.. 'Mappedness' of towns in OSM, with some useful comments (thanks!) openstreetmap.org/user/mvexel/

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RT @openstreetmap
State of the Map 2020: The call for venues is now open! Assemble your team and propose your city as host for the next OpenStreetMap conference! blog.openstreetmap.org/2019/04

@lesbianhacker I know Google used to have a proper link and then rewrite the URL in JS when you clicked and send you there instead. So they could track clicks but not be obvious

@dmoonfire hehe. I've once set up an API server in dev mode, and I've often set up a tile rendering server. Hit me up if you have Qs

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Use an android? Wanna pass time doing something that helps others have a means to not rely on google maps?

Check out the link below, install the app, and help #openstreetmaps improve their data whenever and wherever you may be. This app is pretty cool and it's kinda fun too. On #fdroid and... gurgle play store.


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