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Need assistance to attend ? Don't forget to apply for a travel grant or scholarship. Deadline for applications is 15th February! blog.openstreetmap.org/2020/01

Turns out I should have just used gdal

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I can't believe that people still comment " #women are less interested in technical stuff" under blog posts with the topic of #diversity: openstreetmap.org/user/mikelma

They don't even a evil minded, but those #stereotypes just drive me nuts.
But still: Please help answering the questions of #mikelmaron of #openstreetmap if you can. #feminism #osm

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7 votes, 100% for writing down the mod rules/Code of Conduct for this instance. That's pretty clear. I'll get on that

@blub @cb is great if you want the data, but I don't know good software to render things in that style.

Wikipedia has a type of linear diagram for routes...?

Sure, I'll implement a geographic projection library by hand myself. Sounds like a great idea.

"I'm Tired of Getting Lost!" or How Open-Source Cartography Improved our Lives in Turkmenistan.


@karlos I think other microblogging accounts would be better and more in keeping with the vibe. RSS feed for that is different

I am open to suggestions! Perhaps twitter accounts from other local groups?


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Applications for @sotm 2020 scholarships are now open! This year we are offering new travel grants to reimburse a portion of travel costs, in addition to our previous program that fully covers all costs with a full scholarship: blog.openstreetmap.org/2020/01 Deadline: 15 February 2020.

I have set up @openstreetmap and @sotm as bots which mirror the respective twitter accounts. Should I set up a few more for other accounts or channels? @OpenStreetMap

@john there's a proposal for torrent files to change their content and publish a new version


@MapAmore your twitter account is the same as your account. How do you mirror that? Do you post on twitter and auto post to masto? Or post on masto and auto post to twitter?

Should we (the users of the en.osm.town mastodon instance) adopt some sort of code of conduct, or mod rules, document? Something that lays out how the mods (currently just me) operate?

I should probably take down the "under construction" gif for this instance. We're more than a year old.

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Community members, what are your thoughts on OSM's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats that OSM faces? Please share them on the wiki page created by @allan_mustard: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OS  (you need an OSM wiki account). Read more: blog.openstreetmap.org/2020/01

@BalooUriza I wanted the whole planet file. There are plenty of ways to get region extracts 😉😉😉

@sillystring I don't know much about how well it works. Just cause it's written in a spec doc doesn't mean it's real... Alas..

I need to look into this more

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