On the way to pick up a package, I took a detour to do some surveying. I bumped into @Nakaner@twitter.com, who asked if I was also out doing surveying

The new version of (v26) has a fantasic new feature. It's much faster when download quests, and now will show you all the quests in an area. It's made things so so much faster & easier to use.


Oh it's explain Proportional Representation voting system to people time of the year again! 🤣

The OSMFR PeerTube Instance <peertube.openstreetmap.fr/> doesn't have open registrations.

Any recommendations on a good PeerTube instance to host a possible video on (It would be related)

In a few days (9 Nov), I (& others from the Board) will do an about on reddit.

You can now submit questions! 🙂 Ask us anything!


Only a few days left to nominate yourself to run for the Foundation Board of Directors! It's a lot of work, but don't feel like you're not good enough. 🙂
I'm on the board, feel free to ask me anything.

When you upgrade @StreetComplete to the latest version which includes the new "check that the opening hours haven't changed" feature. 🙂

And done with the final day of the Foundation Board retreat/screen2screen meeting. Another productive, informative and interesting day. It's always nice to chat with the rest of the board, we get on well.

Like earlier in the year, I feel like I have a lot of tasks to do. There is no end of stuff to do

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Today we on the the Foundation Board are doing another “Screen2Screen” meeting. We're basically just spending the whole (timezone appropriate) on BBB talking and planning and talking.

🎶 “'cause I'll go to the State of the Map” 🎶 @IvanSanchez sings about going to State of the Map 2011 (the conference) to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”

Have you ever thought “Gee I wonder if you took data, and coloured the image based on the distance to the nearest building?”

No? What kind of person _are_ you? 😛
(red=0→1km, orange=1→2km, yellow=2→5km,green=5→50km, blue=>50km)

The 14th Annual General Meeting of the Foundation will be held online on Saturday, 12 December 2020 at 16:00 UTC.


Someone made a recursive relation in which broke our Nominatim servers. Hilariously, it was in Chernobyl.
Here's how to fix lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

One of these days I will figure out what the @weeklyOSM form submission fields mean.

Until then, I'll just copy/paste the same thing in all the boxes. 😛😛😛

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