The point for the statue of in Bristol has been updated, to be in the river & underwater.
🤣 Awesome. 👍

Washington DC has renamed a street leading up to the White House as “ Plaza” 👍👍
It's on already.

isn't perfect (no software is), but if it has something as a preset, it gets mapped into much more often.

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I have suggested that iD (the main web editor) add a "Real Fire" field for . 🙂 It would make it easy for people to record this interesting data point into .

I am tempted to submit a poster for ...
(Cause I don't have a enough stuff to finish¹)

⁽¹⁾ I have a lot of stuff to finish

One of my side projects is a service for (essentially) “community validation” of data in . I don't have anything to show yet, but this is a gap that needs to fill.

“field names as records of history”
Some first steps from an OSMer for showing field names in in , which can be an important part of &

My latest project: Maps showing the spread of facilities in in t̶h̶e̶ ̶C̶e̶l̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶I̶s̶l̶e̶s̶ &
More here (incl. software used):

The Foundation is looking at video chat services, BigBlueButton looks promising. Perhaps we can offer that to the community

This weekend was supposed to be the Toulouse hack weekend. Cancelled because of obviously. Looks like there won't be many in person meet ups for a while

is a project of _humans_. That's it's advantage, it's Unique Selling Point. If the community listens to the siren song of big tech, and thinks that computer vision generated data is the future, then any big tech company will always beat us.

is helping OSM *now*, but they can change in a heartbeat, and set up a compeditor map system, and they will always have more computer vision resources than us. If we play the “AI”/computer vision game, WE WILL LOSE.

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Ung, Facebook, unsurprisingly, state their goal with RapiD, their editing software, is to turn it into even more of a tool to import government & AI generated data.
No! You're missing the point.

Unsurprisingly the Hack Weekend in Toulouse, France on 4→5 April has been cancelled because of /#covid19.
I was looking forward to going, but cancelling it is the right move.

I have finally offers to help (the main web editor) support a nice & better tagging scheme for /#unisex toilets. It's an important topic, and tagging preset support can really boost the mapping of that thing.

A week in bed with Corona will really challenge my "make one edit per day" streak

The licence requires that you give attribution if you use our map data. Sometimes people forget.

So I ordered some stickers that you can use to fix any maps you see. 🙂

(Currently I only have English versions, I'll make more. If you want some, see
Or email )

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