The Foundation board (which I'm on), are thinking of adopting a new, updated guidelines on how to attribute when you use it.

has a wealth of cycle, or hiking, routes stored in the database. Is there any app that shows OSM data and will let me select a route and follow it? Does do this?

The mappers have correctly mapped (in ) where the ship is stuck in the canal.


, the ship that is blocking the Canal has already been mapped into

people seem to think it'll be there for a while. 🤣

What are you doing on , March 17th ? Why not join us members for mapping the 75 places in Ireland named after the patron saint of Ireland


Sometime in the next ~10hr, the 100,000,000th changeset will be added to !

Follow the edits


Anonymized raw data and summary stats of the 2021 Foundation's community can be downloaded from


I wonder how to tag Informed Consent for people in ... 🤔

I've started an discussion, to try to hammer out how to add it to OSM. Reply to that mailing list, or here, or whatever.

“The beauty of the project is its ability to incorporate different viewpoints,”

Oh yes! We are all able to edit the same one commonly owned database, and different interest groups can do different things, and that's great. 🙂

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“Inside the ‘Wikipedia of Maps,’ Tensions Grow Over Corporate Influence”

Interesting article about . While obviously it simplifies some things, it's not too bad.

Don't forget, only a few days left to have your opinion counted in the 2021 Community Survey! Please take a few mins to fill in this anonymous survey to help the Foundation Board (which I'm on) know more about the community. 🙂 (boosts welcome)

Worldwide walking & cycling isochrones (“Show everywhere within X min. travel”) based on data. Also intersection of isochrones. A great way to find the most convenient place to meet your friend!

Yes, I know I'm about 3 months behind writing my “What I did in this month” posts,

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