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100 Million Edits to OpenStreetMap! The collective contribution of nearly 1 billion features globally over 16 years, by over 1.5 million mappers. Changeset 100,000,000 was uploaded by user Lamine Ndiaye, adding buildings in Nianiane, Sénégal. blog.openstreetmap.org/2021/02

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Members of the community in Ireland are getting little swag gifts today for mapping and validating on the task.

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So you want to suggest an tagging scheme....

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(Virtually) hug your open source maintainers today

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When you upgrade @StreetComplete to the latest version which includes the new "check that the opening hours haven't changed" feature. 🙂

Have you ever thought “Gee I wonder if you took data, and coloured the image based on the distance to the nearest building?”

No? What kind of person _are_ you? 😛
(red=0→1km, orange=1→2km, yellow=2→5km,green=5→50km, blue=>50km)

Washington DC has renamed a street leading up to the White House as “ Plaza” 👍👍
It's on already.

The English West Midlands seems to be dominating the horsey set

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In OSM, there seems to be a high number of golf clubs mapped around Inverness, Scotland

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Rugby League, with the same scales. Clearly it's not as popular in OSM as rugby union

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Rugby (Union). Munster Rugby making a strong showing.

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Gaelic Games in Ireland with the same colours shows *much* more gaelic games facilities mapped in Ireland compared to cricket facilities. Hon the parish!

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