The licence requires that you give attribution if you use our map data. Sometimes people forget.

So I ordered some stickers that you can use to fix any maps you see. 🙂

(Currently I only have English versions, I'll make more. If you want some, see
Or email )

And here's all the Ice Cream places in
The Germans really do like their Eiscafes!

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This weekend's from data. In Ireland & Britain, are you nearer to a Catholic (green) or Protestant (orange) Church?

I have no idea why thinks there is a street network in the middle of this lake

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Facebook detects some of these lines in a field as roads, others not. Because why not

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Facebook is detecting walls as roads, because walls are lines too

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I'm playing with making graphs of what is being mapped in over time, and here's the obvious one of Ireland's long townland mapping project!

Once again, time to promote Mastodon/Fediverse at

I'm a long time person and even I need to sit down with a pen & paper to make sure I calculate slippy map tiles numbers properly. (I was off by a power of 2 before!)

Well the original mapper clearly didn't have lots of time...

It's hot where I am. So time to break out the fan!

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