I have no idea why thinks there is a street network in the middle of this lake

These detected roads are just scribbles over a town.

Facebook detects some of these lines in a field as roads, others not. Because why not

Facebook is detecting walls as roads, because walls are lines too

I'm playing with making graphs of what is being mapped in over time, and here's the obvious one of Ireland's long townland mapping project!

Once again, time to promote Mastodon/Fediverse at

I'm a long time person and even I need to sit down with a pen & paper to make sure I calculate slippy map tiles numbers properly. (I was off by a power of 2 before!)

Well the original mapper clearly didn't have lots of time...

It's hot where I am. So time to break out the fan!

I, for one, am wondering what new map will have in the polar regions!

Graph of the number of members of the Foundation with lines representing elections. Quite a lot of last minute sign ups... 🤔
Source: openstreetmap.org/user/SunCoba

Mastodon is an open source decentralised alternative to Twitter! I've made a Mapstodon instance!

En OSM Town | Mapstodon for OpenStreetMap

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