If that worries you too, please become a voting member of the Foundation - and maybe even join a working group. Governance begins with you meddling in and you are welcome !


@rory I've recently got the active contributor's membership. Now trying to get some idea on what I can/should do there.
Is the full membership (the one for 15£/y) really worth that?

@Som89 ACM can be regular of associate membership, you should have had a choice. You can email MWG to switch to regular membership.

The only difference is that regular members are legally members under UK law, which has some privacy implications, and can be elected to the board of directors

@rory Thank you for the explanation! I mush have overlooked that choice then...
Anyway, will be looking what's going on there (so far tried to follow the last Friday board meeting) and may change the membership type later.

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