has a wealth of cycle, or hiking, routes stored in the database. Is there any app that shows OSM data and will let me select a route and follow it? Does do this?

@rory Yes, OsmAnd lets you create or import a route. You can also let it compute a route suitable for cycling or walking while excluding some types of road and then edit the route.

@rory Komoot is a good app for route planning that uses OSM data. But are you talking about named routes that would be linked by relations? Such as 'West Highland Way' r/16287

@jambamkin yeah named routes that are in osm like that

@rory I've never seen anything that does that, it would fit into Komoots concept.

Osmand on Twitter i don't know, but in f-droid it's ok. You can choose which type of route ...
Picture in french...

@vinber yeah I've used that. And that's pretty good. But there are loads of overlapping cycle routes here. 🙂 It would be great if I cough highlight or show just one route

Sorry, I misunderstood your aim and I don't how to do that...

@rory I believe the default config prefers cycle routes but you cannot easily select a specific route to follow. It is rather easy to convince it though, just put some intermediate markers on the route.
Though I usually plan my routes on the web and save it into gpx and ask osmand to follow.

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