@rory What's that mouse like to use? I've been looking at similar designs because I heard they're a bit easier on the hand/wrist and I'm not getting younger! Did you get it in response to any particular issue?

I'm starting with the first twinges of arthritis in my right hand and I wonder if a change of mouse would help :)

@ak i have a similar mouse at work. I think it's helpful because it reduces the angle between hand and arm.
Nothing impressive but still something 😉

@ak I've been using vertical mice like that for 10+ years, and strongly recommend it. I also use ergonomic keyboard. It's great.

I also learned how to use a mouse with my left hand (I'm right handed), so that I could switch it up (I use leftie at work, rightie at home). So I have the left hand version of that mouse.

I had a spot of RSI about 10→12 yrs ago, hence why I got serious about it. It's not worth wrecking your body .

@rory Thank you! 😊 I can't afford expensive ergonomic keyboards but I've seen those vertical mice for sale for £10-12 or so, so I may give it a go, at worst I've tried something new

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