Join the Foundation Board, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.

You get to spend your Sundays reading the 1,200 page PDF of the UK Companies Act.

I joked about this to a fellow Board member. He pointed out that no-one ever told him it would be fun. 🤣

Never fear legal nerds, I have figured out how quickly the can hold a General Meeting.

§307 says 14 days are the fastest one could do it (right?)

Don't worry nothing nefarious, I'm just curious what we can put in a contract.

people are going to presume a nefarious motive, aren't they

if one said “annual general meeting” that would (sorta) imply a meeting you could only have once a year (right?).

But if we just say ”general meeting”, then that covers other types of general meetings

i don't get paid enough to have to figure this out

@saper @rory Yeah, even though the formula 1 circus and FIFA are not shining examples to emulate, the law provides a great starting point.

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