Ung. `shp2pgsql` is very useful tool, but it doesn't use the `.prj` file for a shapefile? Is there a better, more modern “import this shapefile” tool?

@rory I normally use ogr2ogr but I'm not sure if it's actually any better!

@russss I did have one time when ogr2ogr was able to import a large file & shp2pgsql couldn't (lol or the other way around). But if it can do SRS, then it's better

@rory thanks for posting this, I've been wanting to create an OSM layer from my local governments open GIS data, so I can fill in addresses that are not posted on buildings. I will try out these two tools

@hinton Geofabrik (where I work) provides various thematic shapefiles from data. Give that a try in case those help.

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