My big fabric map print out arrived. 馃檪

>equal earth
And that's supposed to mean..?

@InsertUser The map is from Equal Earth Physical ( ). But I emailed the creator, and they removed the 鈥淏ritish Isles鈥 label 馃槈. I printed it out with, for 鈧38 (incl. postage to DE). it's 2脳1m.

I can send you the PDF I uploaded to the printer, if you want to do it yourself. I haven't hung it up yet, cause I need to buy some long poles (it's fabric after all), and DIY shops are closed cause of current lockdown.

@rory Ah, that makes sense. It didn't look like one from splashmaps' website.

@InsertUser I have 2 of SplashMaps' maps, since a long time. But I don't really use them. Personally, I don't need a map in the style they make.

@rory I was disappointed with the degree of customisation they offered when I was vaguely looking into it. Nice to know there is a print in demand service that'll do it.

@InsertUser I used for all the OSM stickers. So I just thought 鈥淗ey, why not just make my own!鈥

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