The OSMFR PeerTube Instance <> doesn't have open registrations.

Any recommendations on a good PeerTube instance to host a possible video on (It would be related)

It's 2020, I suppose, I could just host it on my website with HTML5's <video> element....

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@rory host plenty of OSM videos already. It's a small instance, but one video more or less...

@rory seems to be a friendly PeerTube instance with registrations open.

@rory @tilvids is an edutainment focused peertube instance. If the video fits that catergory it would be good to have OSM stuff there.

@jambamkin @rory Big fan of OpenStreetMap (and all things de-Google)! Feel free to check out the instance, see if your video would be a good fit (we focus on edutainment) and let me know!

@rory Maybe you can look at where other videos about #OpenStreetMap are hosted on #PeerTube, then adjust for language, blocking and usage policy.

@rory maybe one of the English speaking #OSM chapters should host a peertube instance? I will kick the idea around in OSM US.

@hinton That'd be cool. OSMF might be able to pay. I don't think there's any "peertube hosting as a service", like the which I'm using now :)

@vinber oh that would be nice! Yes, please. 🙂

@vinber But I can only do English language (or maybe later Deutsch), I can't do French. Is that OK?

@rory yes, it's not a problem i think. Give me few hours and i give you an answer :)

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