uh-oh, people are adding `cuisine:wikidata` tags to ... 😭😭
Replacing some nice human readable data with references to a privatizable database for programmers

@reclus 😐😐😐 nooooo... (serious?)

There is already is some /#OpenStreetMap integration, and I really don't like it

@AbbieNormal cuisine:wikidata doesn’t seem to be as useful as i.e. operator:wikidata, species:wikidata or genus:wikidata, because the there is a good list of values in the wiki. And Wikidata has P1282. But I still think cuisine:wikidata is a good idea because I don’t think it should be the goal for OpenStreetMap to define all cuisines of the world. @rory

@reclus @AbbieNormal but should wikidata be the definition of all cuisines in the world?

@reclus @AbbieNormal well OK, if you want that. But,compared to OSM, I dislike wikidata's much higher barrier to entry, and privatisable copyright licence.

@AbbieNormal He means there’s no share alike clause. It’s CC0. @rory

@reclus @rory

because the free work of volunteers can end up further enriching some monster corporation

It's the similar to the difference between open source and free software

@AbbieNormal @reclus Yeah that's what I mean. (Admittidly it's an intentionally negative term, but TBH it's a concern for me).

Open Source & Free Software are in practice the same, although I understand why you'd relate them

@AbbieNormal @reclus FLOSS people have been argusing forever over which is “more free”, so I'm not saying I'm right in preferring the copyleft/share-alike/GPL style over the permissive/privitsable/BSD style.

I just choose not to donate my labour & effort to something that could be used that way.

@AbbieNormal I think it’s a good thing that the data is really used (i.e. by Google, Amazon and Apple) without complicated licenses that restricts the use of the data.

BSD doesn’t inlude a share alike clause but of course it’s a free software license. And software under CC0 (#libreviews really uses CC0 as a software license) would also be free software. @rory

@reclus @rory

this is the same argument

it's good that this code/standard implementation is actually used

Ok, it's a point of view

@reclus @AbbieNormal Well, if I can get back to this, if you think should be the canonical source & not , why not replace with WD? Why keep both? Everything in OSM could be put in WD, right?

@rory Wikidata is not for good for geographical data. And not every building, street sign or shop is relevant for Wikidata. Wikidata is good for world knowledge, OpenStreetMap is good for geographical data. @AbbieNormal

@reclus @AbbieNormal What makes it bad for geodata? You could just add lat/lons to things, then just connect things, right? That's all OSM is...

@rory @reclus

in fact, I've been pointed to a bunch of projects converting osm data into semantic web triples

I can't find the toot right now, but I will find it again 😕

@rory Theoretically perhaps it would be usable as such if there weren’t relevance criteria and you would create some geo editors. But I don’t think it would be very usable because Wikidata based on Mediawiki (text) wikis. @AbbieNormal

@reclus @AbbieNormal “operator:wikidata”/“brand:wikidata” can make a lot of sense, cause

for genus/species, there isn't any point, biologist *already* have a long established, canoncial naming scheme. Adding another dependency on wikidata just seems to add unneeded work for no benefit (& considerable downside)

@rory I’m no biologist but afaik species/genus is a complicated thing. Some names for the same species are even different from country to country. There was a thread in the forum some years ago. @AbbieNormal

@rory After the 'let's abandon name tags in favour of wikidata' discussion on the mailing list, I'm coming around to the idea of purging all wikidata tags from the OSM database.

It promises to make things way way more complicated than they need to be of we continue down this path.

@InsertUser I should make things that use the Wikipedia tag (as well as their api for categories). Wikipedia, unlike wikidata, is copyleft, can't be privatized.

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