I used to think there was nothing to map in in Germany. Then I opened up . So many things to map now!

@rory my home area is clear as I was discovering #streetcomplete a year ago ;-)
Was some work and is continuing in my wider area...

@rory just checked... 1km radius is clear, then some remaining/new tasks start...

@rory LOL what?? I get this for a few things, including what the speed limit is and if something takes cash.

@BalooUriza huh? Aren't they good things to add to OSM?

@rory Yes, and they're not irrelevant here. Which makes that message confusing

@BalooUriza oh the "not shown thing"? Yeah, it's a bit weird. In Germany the only one is "does this take cash", which everywhere takes.

If it's wrong, file a bug. 😉🙂

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