It's kinda amazing how many Irish pubs there are in Germany. Not surprising I suppose.

I've created a preset for iD, the web editor to make it easier to collect them.


I dislike how it's easier to add chains of big brands (e.g. McDonalds) to , rather than types of independent venues. I think we've lost something if becomes a great map... of chains.

We need more & better presets for “themed” things. Let's make *deeper*, *deeper* data.

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@rory But the presets are very helpful to add the correct #Wikidata-value. 😃

@rory I've made a point of not adding shop chains, even if there's missing data. The only one I added was when it meant I could remove the old police station lol. As you say, local independent stuff is better to add, so that's why I'm focusing on things like public spaces and footpaths and woodland walks.

@rory cheers! It's fun too, cause it gets me out walking along hidden pathways XD

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