I wonder if opening_hours data is complete enough if you can detect towns where bars & restaurants closes early

I have just finished a long tour, and we stayed overnight in a town where everything closed at 23:00 (on a Saturday!). I wonder if could detect that.
Next step is see how that correlates to voting patterns to see if it shows a conservative background. 🙂😈

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@rory If there's anyone mapping in that area then Dubuque, Iowa versus East Dubuque, Illinois would be a good test. Bars in Dubuque closed at 02:00 while bars in East Dubuque closed at 03:00, at least when I lived in Dubuque from 2009 to 2014.

@ND3JR if/when I code up something to display this, I will have to get back to you for details and we can look! 🙂

@ND3JR I presume someone (you?) has mapped the `opening_hours` for these places, right? 😉😉😉 *hint hint*.

@rory If only I had! But I think you missed the part where I was there from 2009 to 2014. I don't live in that area now.

@ND3JR ha! fair enough. 🙂 I'm just always trying to get people to contribute 😉

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