The point for the statue of in Bristol has been updated, to be in the river & underwater.
🤣 Awesome. 👍

@rory well I don't like political activism that ignores the work of other communities .... #vandalism #opendata

@blub Well…. this isn't vandalism… has been updated to correctly reflect reality…

@rory @blub In fact, it appears OSM has the new location in a horizontal displacement of less than 5 meters. That's substantially more accurate than Google or other map data sources currently have it.

@blub @rory Here's another community that's taken to the long overdue step of disposing of a monument to one of history's greatest genocidal monsters.

@rory Personally I don't like short time changes as I see OSM not as a realtime map. Same goes for any political inspired edits. Let's map what is out there on the ground, not more and not less 😐

@blub well, yes things that change quickly shouldn't be mapped in OSM, mostly for practical reasons. But it's not wrong editing! I bet the statue isn't going back up. OSM is supposed to be an objective map. Like it or not, the statue has moved! To not map that now, to abandon the on the ground rule in this case, to leave the OSM node in the original place when the statue isn't there; *that's* a political decision!

@blub are you a member of FOSSGIS? I am.

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