Is there a route planner for #OSM that'll let me set various parameters? Like "avoid roads" and "don't route through stiles" and stuff?


@OTheB I've heard that you might be able to do this with BRouter, but I haven't used it.

If you're reasonable techy, Graphhopper is relatively easy to get started with. You could try to run that locally?

@rory Trying out BRouter and it's pretty nice. Pretty clever with how the profiles are written. I found one that preferences off-road tracks that looks pretty good, but I'll need to find docs for writing my own profiles so I can tweak it (it tries to route through stiles and kissing gates, neither of which you can get my bike through). Looks great otherwise!

@rory Yep I'm hooked! This thing's amazing. Figured out how to block on stiles and things and it just worked immediately.

I imagine I'm going to lose a lot of time to tweaking around with this :D

@OTheB Awesome! 😀😀

If you have any sort of a blog or whatever, I'd be interested in readin’ your experiences or “how-to guide”

@rory I'll make a note to write about it. My actual understanding of how to write the profiles for it barely graces the surface though, so I'll get more into it and see if I can write a whole profile from scratch before writing any blog post.

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