My latest project: Maps showing the spread of facilities in in t̶h̶e̶ ̶C̶e̶l̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶I̶s̶l̶e̶s̶ &
More here (incl. software used):

The `sport` tag in OSM. Unsurprisingly following population spread

Overview of top 10 most popular mapped sport facilities

Gaelic Games in Ireland with the same colours shows *much* more gaelic games facilities mapped in Ireland compared to cricket facilities. Hon the parish!

Rugby (Union). Munster Rugby making a strong showing.

Rugby League, with the same scales. Clearly it's not as popular in OSM as rugby union

In OSM, there seems to be a high number of golf clubs mapped around Inverness, Scotland

The English West Midlands seems to be dominating the horsey set

Find the to make that here:
If you make any interesting maps, please let me know. 🙂

@rory "soccer"? can you do that one again with football :)

@wolfie hehe. uses `soccer` as a term.

FYI this is the “football” values

@rory @wolfie "American football" is interesting! The only place in the UK where it has even the slightest amount of traction as a participation sport is universities. I presume Hull and Aberystwyth must have been the powerhouses of the game.

@ak @wolfie In case you're interested, here's the American Football ( ). You're right about Hull.

Caveat: data is very uneven. There can be places/cities/regions which have much more data. There's plenty of pitches mapped which don't have a `sport` attribute/key ( warning big slow query )

@rory fair enough that they use soccer on there but I thought the national sport would've had a lot more heat, I guess cos it's more often just played casually in recreation grounds that aren't specifically marked as "for football"

@wolfie Perhaps it's not a great visualization, because for each sport, the colours are relative to the min/max of that value. A place with an unusually large 'score' throws the scales, so most of the map isn't very noticable.

Here's `sport=soccer` with the same scales as in the `sport=gaelic_games` map.

@wolfie Here's one where each inner map uses the same scale

@rory thank you for this, it's all very interesting 😄 seeing the south coast heat spot for equestrian as well tallies with my experience growing up there lol

@wolfie horsey people? In the South East of England?! I'm SHOCKED, I tell you! /s 😛😛

@rory hehe I never rode myself but I did do my year 10 work experience week at a stables 😅

@wolfie hehe. OSM has lots of people interested in niche interests. There's lots for mapping horse riding stuff

@wolfie @rory You'd think Cheshire would have more equestrian "heat" on the map darling

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