Looks like my logo mashup is causing some people to complain!

@rory @Antanicus
If you are offended by an antifa logo you are a fascist lol

@Antanicus @rory I assume this is the logo in question which I now want to plaster on everything more then ever

@rory Been refraining from replying in that thread but I honestly only see one group of people that should have a problem with it.

@BalooUriza I am prepared to be believe there are _some_ people who don't want the bad press for OSM.

TBF that logo is more than just "opposed to fascism"

@rory While I doubt it's possible, I'm perfectly ok if contributors like their hobby to be 'unpolitical'. And as a friendly and open community, we should respect their preferences.

@blub I broadly agree. Caveat: is inherently “political”.

Just because I make a logo somewhere, doesn't mean I'm forcing anyone to do anything, I'm not forcing anyone to change their hobby. Why can't people leave well enough alone?

@blub But I do want more people to use , so I know that optics are important

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