And here's all the Ice Cream places in
The Germans really do like their Eiscafes!

@AbbieNormal I should make a map of what percentage of restaurants (etc) have the cuisine tag. Data is probably just more deeper in other places

@rory So, is OSM really so much more complete in Germany than in other places in Europe, or you have other explanations? I wouldn't be surprised that mappers of restaurants in Italy wouldn't bother with the cousine tag for non-"ethnic" restaurants (Italian, what else?), but ice cream places should be there

@g I'll have to do more analysis to be sure, but yes I think has much more data in Germany than in almost any other country. This means a higher percentage of things that exist are mapped, and that a higher percentage of things that are mapped have the cuisine data entered (as a tag). We can look at OSM data to answer the second

@rory sounds right. and yes, it may be nice to find ways to visualise this to encourage more mapping in under-mapped areas

@rory Maybe we like also accuracy in tagging and QA? 😉

@blub oh yes, it's almost certainly a case of "deeper"/"more detailed" tagging in 🇩🇪/🇦🇹/🇨🇭.

@mondstern a collection of Makefiles and gdal invokations. 🙂

I'll publish the source shortly

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