has released more of their computer vision road detection results for nearly all countries for """"import"""" into

And the data is bad.


Facebook is detecting walls as roads, because walls are lines too

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Facebook detects some of these lines in a field as roads, others not. Because why not

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I have no idea why thinks there is a street network in the middle of this lake

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It took me a few minutes to find this crap in Facebook's data.

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@rory I don’t understand what you want to revert. Is this data in OSM, or detected and presented for human check in Rapid before editing?

@rory I don’t get it. What bad data is in osm that needs to be reverted?

@rory yes. “Revert bad data” isn’t specific. I’m honestly trying to understand the problem that you have encountered. Is it in rapid detections, or in osm changesets? Is it systematic in a specific place? Or widespread? Links to specific issues would be helpful.

@mikel “What bad data is there is OSM?” did sound like you thought all OSM data is perfect, to be fair. 😂
Maybe some day.... 🙂

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