“Facebook: Hands Off Our Map”
In which long time contrib & outgoing board member Frederik Ramm has some harsh things to say about & their activity....

I gotta say, Facebook aren't exactly the most ethical of companies. Though I presume everyone here knows that. I don't know anyone who trusts Facebook. I use it every day, but it's cause there aren't any other choices, that's just the world we live in.

FB are a private for-profit company, of course that's what they'll focus on. They aren't helping OSM out of the kindness of their heart (well they don't have a heart anyway, they're a company, not a human).

@rory that’s exactly right. It’s important to look at alignment of interests instead of trying to divine intent.

OpenStreetMap Foundation politics 

@rory I strongly disagree with this blog, though.

OSM needs to find a way to align itself with corporations, the alternative is an irrelevant hobby project for some dedicated mappers.

Facebook might be evil, but WRT OSM they have not yet shown that. Sure, when OSM depends on only FB, it would be bad. But currently it's aligned with mulitple corps that often are competitors amongst eachother. IMO *that* is Open Source: be the hub where competition can cooperate on something great.

@berkes FB's initial imports weren't evil per se, just hella careless and v disruptive. There's still disagreements from local communities in SE Asia about their contributions there. Hence, I'm not sure “They've been fine up to now” is 100% accurate. They have improved a lot, but I think that's cause the OSM community forced them to.

Worst thing is they try to do what Mapbox was pushing a a few years ago, change the licence to remove the share-alike clause.

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