(& others) have 'routing islands' checks. Is there anyway, in , to detect this sort of thing? e.g. if I load up a big area, and it knows that some `highway`s are "connected" and then calculates what in the area isn't connected? So I can fix up these errors?

"Make a change, wait a day, see if I get a dozen osmose errors" is a bit slow with low turnaround

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@AbbieNormal OK, that looks helpful in a way. Do you know how to get that to display “routing islands”?


I guess you just let it show the translucid graph and you look for islands in the outlook

Dark ares will be isolated

Bright areas with dark spaces in between could be isolated from each other

It' s still a quite manual work 😕

@AbbieNormal Well it seems to show a sort of routing graph, but alas it colours it all the same, so I can't see any islands...

@AbbieNormal I discovered in JOSM you can "select all connected ways". So you can find island by selecting a big road, then Ctrl-Shift-E to get connected ways, then Ctrl-F with “highway -selected” to “invert” that selection. That shows routing islands

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