I'm slowly working on my manifesto for the election, and writing my answers to the suggestion questions. I'll let yous know when it's done

All / members are still able to ask board candidates any questions they want. 🙂 If you have any questions for me as a candidate, please feel free to ask.

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@rory Would you Support
an homepage using vector graphics
an server offering vector tiles

@karlos yes I would support that. 🙂 (that's one of the official questions, so there's more written there too)
I gave a talk at SotM about porting the osm-carto style to vector tiles. I have tech experience with this.

Alas vector tile tech is often a PITA, and I think that'll be the main problem 😔

@karlos there are many design decisions when it comes to vector tiles, which affect things. Like do you require only js/client side rendering? Do you redo the style or port OSM carto? Etc

@karlos I really like RichardF's idea for vector tiles. Ah someday....

@rory Looks like I will get lost if i start to read about topic Vector Tiles. To many experiments, arguments, discussion paces. As a first step, this needs organized.

Even the topic "Vector Tiles" are not clear. To me it is files with vector data. An (web-) app with individual styles will render, may be even in 3D.

* I can't find "vector" on the (official) questions page.
* I found your speak: 2016. Well, I would start with a style-shape mimic Carto an let the user make variations.

* JS? Yes, but not only. WASM of course. A renderer on Git with C++ or RUST to use anywhere.
* More but client? Hm, a server rendering bitmaps with all the advantages of vector: seemless zooms, switching styles, filtering POIs, ...

RichardF? You mean - yes, we need one/some "standards" what tiles will contain (and how coded). May be additional tiles, if you need 3D data i.E.

I would like to help, if a project exists.
Except "I may be to old for this"

@karlos This is RichardF's call to arms about vector tiles. It's a great idea

You're right there's no vector tile question, but my answer to multilingual maps talks about them, which is why I thought it was there.

@karlos alas, there just isn't a lot of rendering software and it's a PITA. There's mapnik, mapboxgl, tangram, ish. There's just a lot of lacking software, and companies like Mapbox have moved on & Mapzen are gone.

@rory Lacking software? Web search about OSM vector render software seems to take days. Most of it is commercial and I am not amused about Mapbox either.
* Tangram looks good. There is also C++ usable with WASM for a (Progressive) Web APP
* Mapnik is C++ and Python. Hm?
Why not use one of them?
I wouldn't mind to start from scratch and just use the logic of Carto, not the code.
What would you like, C++ or Rust?
I wrote as a 3D renderer, just a small part of what we need of course.

@karlos So I don't want to damp your eagerness. If you wanna make something, then please do it. vectortiles on would be _great_!

@rory 🤓I started to learn/use Rust and WASM. The idea is to code an example, how OSM vector rendering could be done.

Could OSM found a taskforce to list needed steps and work out ways to solve them?

@karlos I've been playing with too! 👍

TBH I think you just have to take the lead on it yourself. Just make some software that does something.

@rory 😒 I try to do
but the call from JS to WASM;
does not work.
I need a running example ...

@karlos I've been programming rust, but I've never done any wasm stuff I'm afriad... I dunno.

@rory It's running! My live is saved, all depressions avoided.
I just forgot to copy one line at the class implementation:

Ok, some more training is needed first.
Meanwhile I will contact RichardF just for a talk. I am sure, there is a ready to use code to read his tiles.

@karlos yay!

I have written a crate to read/write MVT files ( ).

The MVT format is very simple. It's just a simple protobuf format. That's not really the hard part. IME it's doing all the graphics & rendering & stuff. I've half started something which renders MVTs as image using cairo (which is what mapnik uses too).

@rory I mostly agree with RichardF. I am puzzled about his problem with carto style. Of course there must not be a hard-coded carto style! We need a style syntax at start. The carto vector style will just be a prove of concept.
I did not have a close look into the vector tile file format. I hope it is something like open topo map to avoid redundant data. My dream is to get tiles by an Processed by TileMaker. Including All the validating of OSM tagging and putting into GIT layers.

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