New project: Mapping & Tagging pubs! I'm using `theme=irish` tag (as per discussion on tagging@ & talk-ie@ lists). Now to search the database to find them and tag them.

One of 's goals is (basically) to make a global database and taxonomy of everything/objective geographic facts, and it's amazing how different the same thing can be between similar cultures.

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Even comparing pubs between Ireland & England & Germany and things are different enough to get into tagging discussions and to come up with differences.

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@rory Irish pubs as in pubs in Ireland or Irish Pubs™️ in other places? If the former then tagging it as Irish "theme" sits strangely with me

@oakreef latter. Places abroad. Places which sell themselves as “Irish pubs”,

@rory I also World like to have tagging who is serving scones🍪 or cream tea ☕

@karlos `cuisine` tag might be useful for that `cuisine=afternoon_tea`?

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