@rory the left non-binary one seems a bit of a mixed message

@rory Feel free to upload them here: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Lo
Personally I understand the rainbow flag, while IMHO it lacks the nice vector effects of the orginal logo 😉

@blub yeah, I'll upload them there when I'm not making any more changes/tweaks to them.

What do you mean about "vector effects of the original logo"?

@rory Your design looks pretty flat, but usually logo mashups use full 1:1 design and add custom flags within the magnifier glas

@blub yes I've seen those style mashups. I wanted to try something different, since it's almost a clichéd design now IMO!

I wanted to try something new, so used the flat design

@blub I'll try to make some of the traditonal style ones. See what it looks like.

LGBTQ* isn't really about supporting tradition, right? 😉

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