The community should try find, nourish, promote and help people making interesting things with data. Artists with cool map styles, impressive visualisations, that sort of thing.

We always say the benefit of is that you get the data and can then do something with it. And what do we have to show for it? Often just a regular slippy map

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@rory I run into OSM data all the time. Often without attribution.

@rory Vector Maps, showing 3D on zoom 19, a homepage not only for introducing but for use, with routing. And an (PWA) App for smartphones, doing the same.

@rory This reminds me I should get back into my project of programmatically generating diagrams of freeway entrances/exits from OSM data, it's been gathering dust for a bit now...

@cincodenada so I don't know what you're project looks like, but I'm always curious about new and interesting uses of OSM! 🙂 Any images or results you can share? Rough, and pre alpha is OK. 🙂

@rory Okay, blew the dust off this old friend and even fixed it up a bit! Here's what I've got so far, it's definitely rough, but does some fun stuff. The image is what it outputs for the Seattle area, but the goal is to have it work for pretty much any highway/motorway:

@rory All generated directly from OSM data, with lots of filtering and massaging :)

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