Looks like trampling over , and dumping poor data into the commons, is getting some attention and write ups.

@rory I remember one of the Thai people here complaining a lot about that at the time. But I thought they were complaining about low-pay people in other countries manually doing edits?

Are these edits reverted yet?

@loke The initial FB import was done in Egypt sneakily, and that was reverted ( ). FB had to be dragged kicking and screaming to have some humans in the loop for Thailand, and the data quality is still poor. Those edits haven't been reverted.

Grab/GlobalLogic are other paid mappers who are messing up other countries.

(GL tried to sneakily buy votes for the OSM Foundation election last Dec.)

@rory this sounds like some AI led accounts should have had blocks against them by DWG.

@InsertUser that's... a very controversial decision. 😉 And there are many people, groups and companies who want more of this sort of data and activity in OSM, who want more coverage, faster.

@rory More coverge is worse than useless if the data is junk. If the problems are big as described then it sounds like they have set loose a very sofisticated spam bot.

@InsertUser Y'know you should email the DWG to tell them. They only act on complaints and the more people who complain the better.

@InsertUser OSM is a map of locals, so I'm sure a local community objecting would be listened to more by DWG.

Then again, the messed up Thailand despite how much the local community objected.

@rory still, it is only about 2 clicks to revert these, or tag them as unreliable, as #OSM has been doing for many years now with problematic mass imports. This is rather a business as usual situation. No need to worry. 🙂
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