Everytime I am about to travel, I try to an map, and think "Someone should make a better printing service/map style for urban areas".

And I never do.

I would like to print out an area (in B&W), but include as much details as possible, with many PoIs so I can navigate based on them

@rory Hardcore 1 Bit B&W or gray scale? What paper sizes do you need? What DPI? Ink, Laser and E-Inc may need different handling.
Would you start with the data or use an existing renderer?
Do you expect filters for the POIs? Map styles?
What do you think about a PWA solution? I may join coding.

@karlos grey scale, not 1bit. A4 paper size. I have a laser printer, so let's take that DPI.

I think mostly I just want a proper map style. I did part of this years ago for ereaders.

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