Hello my fellow inhabitants of our little We've been around long enough that we should probably write down some rules for this server (I still want to keep the geocities era under-contstruction gif for 😁 ).

What do yous think? We should obv ban spam, and things like that (hate speech etc).


@rory Do we have any bad examples? I don´t. Fake news also would get me in emotions.
150 users is still a nice family. We could talk and create rools just when it happens.

@karlos I'm not aware of any examples now.

I think it can be beneficial to define and set up rules before there's an incident. If you don't write down rules, then you can't complain if somone breaks a rule you had in your head

I concur rules should be there beforehand, but their absence shouldn't be a reason to leave room to hate speech either. I'd rather make it ultra short than cover the details and justify every point. I quite like "Be Nice, Have Fun, and Connect":

My twopence: I'm with @karlos. Do not make “rules” for the sake of having rules. Amongst other problems with that, you are taking responsibility *away* from the users, which is exactly the opposite of what you're trying to achieve.

That said, whoever pays for this server owns the playground and can do entirely as he pleases.

In fact, you can use that 👆 as your single commandment. Short, to the point and covers every possible base.

@rory As the instance for a project that prefers British English, should we not swap to the traditional man-struggling-with-umbrella construction sign?

@InsertUser 🤔

If you get a retro 90s Internet gif of that, I'll put it up. 🙂

@rory I do not, but there's this glorious page:
Most of the red triangles look a little too professional though.

@InsertUser I think that's where I got the original image! 🙂

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