What do yous think of the recent sign ups to the ?

I worry that a company could legally get it's employees to join, then 'own' the organisation...


I have already expressed my thoughts before: the board should not and need not have the power to exert influence on the mappers.

Take a page from the book: you can contribute whatever you want whether you be an individual or Amazon, but at the end of the day it's down to Torvalds to say aye or nay.

Democracy is a lovely ideal and, just like communism, it doesn't work in practice, which is why we don't use it (we have liberal democracies, a different thing).

@61 I was pleased to see that someone has documented the "rough code and consensus" approach in a RFC!

@rory it was blocked wasn't it? I read the report- which was a quite amazing amazing document. But yeah, the conclusions were clear, it could have happened if they'd been more subtle about it, and secondly OSMF needs more members to dilute effect of attempts like this in the future.

@matthewsheffield Their membership wasn't blocked. The board voted *not* to block them (some board members claimed there wasn't enough evidence).

However the board did consult the AoA, and found that these new members weren't eligible to vote *this time*. They can still vote for the next AGM (presuming they renew and the date), they can also vote in (some) resolutions of the membership.

@matthewsheffield Yes, if the had more and more members it would be resiliant. But I don't think we can ever have enough. GlobalLogic has 13,000+ employees. We can never beat those numbers. And this year there was a concerted, multi-country campaign to get more members, to ensure balance. And yet a corporation could sign up 10%.

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