Going through some geotagged photos from a surveying expidition. And I'm still not 100% happy. The location of photos is often quite off. Good thing I took so many photos so I can deduce where things are.


I wonder if a specialized editing photo camera app might be useful....

Specifically an app that makes it easier and more reliable to take better positioned geotagged photos, and ensure fuller photo coverage of an area.

@rory I find it helps to keep a track recording in the background. Otherwise the location it records can be quite out of date. I think JOSM has a sync tool if your GPS is separate.

Also you don't HAVE to upload to Mapillary when you use their app.

What the other user says: log your track continuously and take your photos (or capture video) as you go, or not. A number of post-processing applications allow to correlate the photos to the track using the timestamps.

I haven't done this recently myself but can give more details if needed.

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