When travelling, I get so much mapping done! When you live in Germany, nearly everything is mapped, so when you go abroad there's so much you can do!

I'm planning to propose the organisation of "mapping trips" to my local activist group, wish me luck!

@Antanicus sounds like an old fashioned mapping party?

Old fashioned... Not here :D in fact, I am afraid the idea will be rejected on grounds of it being "too nerdy"

@Antanicus get outside, not a traditional nerdy activity! What sort of activists are these? Going outside and mapping means that all (say) shops are treated equally in OSM. An import of all the locations of a big chain shop means that only those shops will be on the map, not the small independent shops. If you go out mapping, then the independent shops will be mapped

@Antanicus if they are environmentalists, remind them that OSM is great for cycling, and we can mark all the cycling infrastructure, or pedestrian stuff. Big companies only care about mapping car stuff. Getting out on the street mapping cycling & foot stuff to beat cars!

It's like you're reading my mind! I even drafted a short "mapping policy" for the team to follow (no chains, no fast foods, always ask for opening times if not visible at the door, add a description if possible)! It's good to know these are things other mapping teams are considering as well. My biggest fear is that none of the folks in the team are particularly fond of tech and might dismiss the idea as "too cumbersome"

@Antanicus don't forget wheel chair accessibility! And if there are baby changing facilities. You can tag pedestrian crossings & bus stops with lots of details for vision impaired people, like tactile paving

@rory every time I go to a well-mapped place like Germany, I'm super thankful for OSM being available. But cities change all the time! I had some fun adding shops, updating others in Berlin.

@federicomena @rory Both are great. Adding tons of stuff for a place *&* going somewhere you know you're fully navigated because loads of locals have put everything on the map.

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