The OSMF board has reviewed the complaint about in and decided to overrule the DWG. I am curious to read more (only a short announcement now), and curious what policy should use now for disputed areas/names.

's long standing rule that "country borders in OSM match de facto physical control" means Crimea is shown as part of Russia, not Ukraine. This has upset people. I am totally open to a new rule. I just haven't really heard any suggestions.

I have heard "international recognition" as a suggested rule for OSM to use, but what does that even mean? "the international community" just means "USA & allies". I don't think Donnie Orangeface should have such a say on .

If we use "UN Resolution" as a rule for disputed areas, then what happens to the borders of Israel in ? Should they match the original UN partition plan?! That's silly! (TBF I haven't done a full deep dive into all the 'UN res. on Israel', feel free to enlighten me)

But maybe there is some rule that can use, maybe I've missed something. Ideally you want a rule that will give one answer. Otherwise you have an edit war between mappers.


I suspect putting things back to the way they were 2 months ago might not make the issue go away.

The way things were still showed Crimea as part of Russia.

I think that will still upset people. (technically it was mapped as in RU and Ukraine)

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