Arse. While traveling recently I used the stock Google Camera app on my phone to take photos. I presumed they'd all be geotagged, and I could load em up in JOSM and add to the things I took photos of.

But it only geotagged a few of them. 😢

I can make Open Camera only take a photo if there's a GPS lock and store that in the photo, but OC is so damn slow. I press the button and it freezes and takes a photo 1 sec later, so I've moved. Google Camera takes a photo instantly.

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What () app(s) do you use to take geotagged photos for surveying?

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I have figured out how to make show the geotagged photos in the side pane, not a floating window, and learned that it will show direction of the photo if that's stored (which Open Camera) can save.

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