Arse. While traveling recently I used the stock Google Camera app on my phone to take photos. I presumed they'd all be geotagged, and I could load em up in JOSM and add to the things I took photos of.

But it only geotagged a few of them. 😢

I can make Open Camera only take a photo if there's a GPS lock and store that in the photo, but OC is so damn slow. I press the button and it freezes and takes a photo 1 sec later, so I've moved. Google Camera takes a photo instantly.

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What () app(s) do you use to take geotagged photos for surveying?

I have figured out how to make show the geotagged photos in the side pane, not a floating window, and learned that it will show direction of the photo if that's stored (which Open Camera) can save.

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😋 and yes, it is glacial. You can get it to shoot a bit faster (but only by a few months) if you disable image stabilisation.

Another option is taking a picture with .

Finally, Tibor Kaputa's camera application is lighting fast, but I haven't checked if it geotags.

Camera (A camera with flash, zoom and no ads.) -

@61 I think I've disabled image stabilisation. I didn't know could do that, that might be useful. I'll have to figure out how to use it and how to get the photos of my phone for JOSMing

→plugins →Audio/Video Notes →enable (you'll probably want to adjust your settings, notably the “use system app for photos” option)

Then on the map you click either on the point you want to associate a picture with our on your own position marker, go Actions → Take photo.

Downloading seems to be possible only by selecting the pics one by one (tap on) and using the share action.

I have on occasion used it in conjunction with OSM notes.

@rory OSMand (I usually don't do mass photomapping)

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